Multiple Sex Partners Make a Woman's Immune System Crash; Eating Pork Weakens One's Ability to Think

Mohammedan “science” at its best.

“Beard-growing encourages the production of testosterone; female American students have  sexual intercourse with 200-300 guys during 4 years in university…..”

Brought to you by the ever watchful MEMRI:

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim, Self-Proclaimed California University Toxicologist: Multiple Sex Partners Make a Woman’s Immune System Crash; Eating Pork Weakens One’s Ability to Think

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim, a self-proclaimed professor of toxicology at California University, which aired on Al-Rahman/Al-Rawdha, on December 2, 2010:

Interviewer: As you know, the West wants to shift the woman away from her purity, her chastity, and the holiness that Islam bestows upon her, to Western life, to lesbianism, to “How come women can’t have multiple husbands?”, to “Why can’t a woman enjoy sexual liberty before she get married?”, to “Why can’t there be a focus on women, like in the West – so that women can be with women, without needing men, and men can be with men, without needing women?” These are very dangerous issues. Does science have anything to say about them?

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: Regarding the question of the woman, even American society admits that women in America have lesser rights. Let me give you a clear example: When a woman gets married, she adopts her husband’s surname, and gives up her maiden name. If she marries so-and-so, she becomes Mrs. So-And-So. She is attributed to him. Before the scientific revolution, and before there were machines, the woman would be a slave to her husband. She had no rights whatsoever. This was less than 250 years ago.

The situation developed when women were needed to help the men in modern life. Consequently, women progressed in many aspects, but not with regard to the need to give up their maiden names.

Secondly, women in America are exploited as merchandise. Women are viewed as merchandise. If a woman is pretty, she has a certain price and status in society. Even at university, the professor will give a beautiful girl better grades than a plain one. In ads, a girl with a nicer body will fetch a higher price.


When I was a student at university, in 1975-1977, they conducted a survey which showed that the female American student, who spends, an average, four years at university, has sexual intercourse with 200-300 guys during these four years.

When a woman has sex with more than one man, it causes her a medical problem, because it weakens her immune system.

Interviewer: How exactly?

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: When a woman has sex with more than one man… When she has sex with the first man, her body tries to determine the identity of the man’s sperm.

Interviewer: Before the show, you explained the process of identification to me.

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: Yes, there is a process of identification, and the sperm is registered in her body. It is like when a person enters somebody’s home, he is identified, and something like an identity card is prepared… This man now has a special place. This process is conducted by the immune system. It is like when a man works for a certain company, the company makes a great effort to get to know who the person is, and to place him in the right post. After a while, the woman’s body easily identifies that man’s sperm, which has become part of the woman. Along comes another man and has sex with her. Now the immune system must go over the entire process again.

Interviewer: The immune system undergoes much effort in the identification of the new guy.

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: It is even more difficult when there are two men at the same time. These girls do that. They have one, two, or three lovers, plus a boyfriend. He may not even be a close friend, but she still has sex with him. This wears out the immune system.

Interviewer: From having to conduct too many identification processes…

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: It is busy with identification all the time as a result of all these sexual encounters. When the woman reaches her thirties or forties, after 15 years of [sex], she begins to develop breast cancer and uterine cancer, which are very common in America.

Interviewer: What is the reason for this?

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: The sexual contacts cause the woman’s immune system to crash or to weaken.


Someone who eats pork can work hard, but cannot think. His thinking is impaired, because his stomach invests a great effort in breaking up such complex molecules.


It was discovered that pork eating weakens a person’s ability to think, as well as his ability to take pride in himself. It abolishes his zeal.

Interviewer: Is that a fact?

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: It’s true.

Interviewer: A pork eater has no patriotism?

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: This has been scientifically established. It lowers the body’s level of serotonin, which generates activity and increases one’s pride, and maybe even enhances one’s happiness. When this hormone is secreted in the body, the person becomes happy, but pork reduces the level of serotonin. A pork-eater can put his muscles to work, but not his brain.


Several doctors have achieved excellent results in treating impotence by having their patients grow their beards long.

Interviewer: Allah be praised!

Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim: Beard-growing encourages the production of testosterone. When people who suffer from impotence and cannot get an erection grow beards, the level of [testosterone] rises… They measured it in micrograms, and found that the testosterone level rises among men who grow beards.

Interviewer: Allah be praised!


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  1. … Yes, there is a process of identification, and the sperm is registered in her body. It is like when a person enters somebody’s home, he is identified, and something like an identity card is prepared… This man now has a special place. This process is conducted by the immune system…

    Good thinking genius! What an idiot!

    Tell me about antigens and antibodies, heavy chains and light chains, beta sheets (proteins), etc. you effin moron!

  2. So a woman is safe if her male sex partners are either using condoms or withdrawing before ejaculation?

    Condoms save the day!

  3. @realist: “Obviously banging your head on the floor …

    In my youth – the old man said – I feared it might injure my brain
    But now that I’m perfectly sure I have none, why I do it again and again!
    (Lewis Carroll)

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    And btw, what do you think Muslims would think of us when they hear idiots like Pat Robertson open their mouths? It goes both ways. Stop being a racist prick and open your mind for a change. Look at the bigger picture.

  11. Richard, I know both, and both my experience and all available data show that muslims are the bigger problem. And we do not oppress them, your stupid twit. they oppress themselves. Take your guilt trip and insert it roughly somewhere unpleasant – I am not having any of it and I am tired of idiots like you apologising for muslim bad behaviour. To comment against the perversity that is islam is NOT racist, but your pathetic behavior IS!!! You have just inferred that muslims need special handling because they cannot live in our societies under our laws – you have inferred that muslims are too dumb and unruly to follow the law – they are not – and they act in full recognition of what they do. WHY DON’T YOU GROW A BRAIN AND LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!! How many times does it take for an islamist to kill others for being non-muslim before morons like you realise that there is a major problem in the ability of islam to coexist with others. Present-day fundamentalist Christians do not murder, rape and terrorism against other religions – Muslims however murder, rape and practise terrorism against non-muslims with boring regularity. It is surprising that a Christian can be as dumb as you, so I suspect that you are another pathetic revert. Go back to the mosque you islamist parasite.

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