Nothing and no one will rouse the Swedes from their slumber….

The Swedish Wire

Swedish far-right calls to fight Islamic extremism

The “far-right” is, of course, the most dangerous thing in the world because it confronts the Socialist utopia with reality, and the progressive kidz really hate it when you spill their fairy dust:

Sweden’s “far-right leader” on Wednesday called for a fight against Islamic extremism at a parliamentary debate in connection with the December suicide attack in Stockholm.

“Terrorism is not an isolated threat. It is a form of Islamic tactic and it is Islamism as a political ideology that needs to be fought and mapped out,” Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Ã…kesson said.

Commies hiding under the Green Flag  are aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism:

Green Party parliamentarian Maria Ferm meanwhile blasted Ã…kesson for “trying to connect the typical picture of a terrorist to the Muslim man,” insisting that only 0.34 percent of all terror attacks in Europe are committed by Islamic extremists.

Most attacks, she said, were carried out by rightwing and leftwing extremists.

Sure. Never mind the billions, if not trillions of Euro’s we need to spend in order to protect us against Islamic terrorism. Never mind the billions Europe loses  annually due to Mohammedan fraud, riots, welfare and asylum rackets. Never mind that Sweden will cease to exist in 30 years if the Islamic invasion continues (like it does).

May the burqa rest lightly on your shoulders, Maria!


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  1. Maria clearly wasn’t paying much attention during her maths classes. Go back to school, simpleton.

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