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When Greens and Labor have too much power on local or federal levels, biased, whacky things happen. As we have seen in various ways over the past few years. Take a look at this recent absurd move of Marrickville Council [in inner Sydney].

Cathy Peters – Radical Marxist (pretended environmentalist)

Australian Council Disgraces Itself

MARRICKVILLE Council has joined a global boycott of Israel over its “occupation of Palestinian territories”. It is believed to be the first Australian local council to do so.

Marrickville Council you have got it all wrong – you have sided with the aggressors, the bullies, the friends of Hitler and those whom Hitler considered his friends in their antisemitism.

Vic Alhadeff of the Jewish Board of Deputies, said the boycott was ”an exercise in rank hypocrisy that has everything to do with local politics and nothing to do with the realities of the Middle East”.  (Source)

Please sign the petition against these genocidal lunatics:

WoJ proudly cooperates with the Australian Islamist Monitor on this matter 2687 Signatures

Reprimand Terrorist-Sympathisers at Marrickville Council, Australia
Published by Q Society of Australia Inc on Dec 29, 2010
Category: Politics
Region: GLOBAL
Target: The Hon Barbara Perry, Minister for Local Government, NSW, Australia
Background (Preamble):

Ten local councillors from the suburb of Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia, in their official role as elected representatives of approximately 75,000 residents, have put forward an official resolution in December 2010 to:

“…boycott all goods made in Israel and any sporting, institutional, academic, government or institutional cultural exchanges…”.

By this action, the ten councillors have formally aligned their municipality with terrorist organisations seeking to overthrow the State of Israel, the one free and democratic nation in the Middle East, fellow UN member, and notably the only multi-ethnic state in the region where freedom of expression, equality, non-discrimination, free union movements, freedom of press and the rule of law are established and guaranteed. In short, they have espoused totalitarian values over Australian democratic values. They are playing into the hands of the Islamist Global BDS Movement and supporting the Hamas and Hizbollah terror groups and other international racist and anti-Semitic organisations..

This irrational act is not only alarmingly naïve, but by supporting the worldview of totalitarian Islam, represents an appalling abuse of our democratic process.
A council’s brief is to act in the interests of their residents, by organizing such things as rubbish collection, social services, catching stray dogs and regulating fence heights. They are not elected to engage in partisan foreign politics or involve themselves in the domestic affairs of other states. In particular, they must never be seen to side with totalitarian, anti-democratic religious fanatics who use terrorism and murder in seeking to destroy the democratic nation of Israel, with which Australia has strong and friendly relations.


We ask the Hon Minister for Local Government in the State of New South Wales (Australia) to reprimand the council of Marrickville for engaging in conduct unbecoming of a local municipality in Australia.

We consider that the conduct of this council is divisive, irrational and ill-informed, and that it deals with matters which do not and should not be included in the jurisdiction of a local municipality.

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  1. global boycott of Israel over its “occupation of Palestinian territories”.

    Do not agree with the premise of the above.

    Arabs are the illegal settlers and occupiers of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

  2. No worries Sheik,
    I believe thats all that has to be said.
    Now lets see if the Pricks can personally walk the walk , lets DEMAND they do.

  3. I already know from first hand experience most “councilors” are at heart normally shallow self doers, but this is totally over stepping the mark, apart from sheer ignorance, the whole reasoning behind this is factually F****d up.

    The councilors are most likely local business people, if so, and in which case, their private businesses in particular should be boycotted, let them feel the pain they so righteously want to inflict on others

  4. As a slight digression to humor, I recall in the dim distant past, there was a brand of Marrickville peanuts, was it “Eata”? I assume the peanut factory was in Marrickville, and still remains there?

    No doubt the council is reflecting the local product, NUTS!

  5. The report on the “Coalition for Justice & Peace in Palestine (CJPP)” site:

    [Last night Bethlehem’s sister city in Australia again made history by voting to support the Unified Palestinian Call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions. Marrickville is the first municipality in Australia to take this important step to support human rights and international humanitarian law in Palestine.]

    [Last night we saw the truth of this commitment as, with the support of residents, the Greens, Labor and an Independent councillor united at Marrickville Municipal Council to adopt the following resolution moved by Greens Councillor Cathy Peters:]


    [Marrickville Council boycott all goods made in Israel and any sporting, institutional academic, government or institutional cultural exchanges.]

    And so on.

  6. I had followed the margarine angle earlier, Sri – from memory, it was Marrickville Margarine, shortened to Marville. They probably had the Eta brand too.

  7. Professing Christians (branches) boasting against their Jewish roots:
    (Romans 11:17 -20)

    A Call for Justice, Security and Peace for Palestine and Israel
    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 00:00

    [During its 7th triennial Forum last week, the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) announced it will continue to add its voice to the call for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine and condemning all acts of terrorism.

    In solidarity with Palestinian Christians, the NCCA asks its member Churches and the wider Australian community to consider a boycott of goods produced by Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.]

  8. Yes, that’s right Mullah, I had a quick google and came up with margarine also I remember the pak was pretty plain as opposed to the other offerings of the day when margarine came on the market..

    Anyhow, looks like nuts and marge have come back to butter as in the last Tango in Paris!


  9. Sheik

    I think we should start telling the truth and no longer refer to Arabs in Judea and Samaria as Palestinians. Arabs were referred as Palestinians till 1967, when Arafat appropriated the name.

    1. The original Palestinians were Jews.

    2. Refer to the occupation as the occupation of Judea and Samaria by illegal immigrant Arabs.

    3. The only settlers are the illegal Arabs who migrated to Judea and Samaria because Israel created a flourishing economy.

  10. Another form of Islamic lies.

    Now they are fielding candidates from Islam and getting into politics via the Greens. Good one Allah.

    Marickville is full of Muslams so I am not surprised at all. Beware of these pricks there is no length they will not go to to bring us down.

  11. Again, we need to document every abuse by a muslim. Write them down!! And keep your eyes open on the local political scene – work towards preventing these muslim scum from getting onto councils, or representative boards etc.

  12. Signed, with pleasure.

    I am with a church that supports Israel and the sharing of the Gospel to the Jews.

    History has shown that a nation that ‘curses’ Israel will be cursed. Keep up the good work Sheik.

  13. Treason, treason, treason. If we pulled something likd this in a Muslim country you would go to gaol.

    Anyone who puts the Australian interests last and leaves us open to terrorists has committed Treason and should be treated accordingly.

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