Rushbo Smokes Sheriff Dipstick

Democrat Sheriff Dupnik Guilty of Dereliction of Duty

Pamela Geller:

Back on Monday I posted that Pima County Sheriff Dupnik was blaming the right for slaughter at Safeway but details had emerged of multiple contacts between Jared Loughner and the Dupnik’s office over multiple death threats

Duplicious and deceiving, he libeled decent and fine Americans in order to deflect his guilt. Perhaps he believes eveyone will call for cessation of blame and his gross negligence will be overlooked. How disingenuous and dangeorous for President Obama to have called Dupnik. He “thanked him for his department’s efforts to respond to this incident and coordinate with the FBI and Director Mueller on the investigation.” He should have ripped him a new one. Dupnik should have had this mental patient locked up, instead he lied and helped to polarize the nation.    Read the whole thing: Sheriff Dipstick….

Rush also suggested that Pima County may be better served by hiring a real sheriff:

It’s uncanny how often Rush gets things right. And he is right. IslamoNazi killers – like Hassan at Ft. Hood – get every benefit of the doubt. Conservatives never do. But Americans are waking up to this now.

Americans recognize corrupt political hackery when they see it, and they punish the perpetrators. If an investigation were launched, the ‘progressive’-crypto- Marxists would be found five times more guilty of inciting violence and hatred. They’re the experts on hate speech.

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik Jeopardizes Justice and Must Resign Now

Dupnik is a Democrat who brought attention to himself last year when he flatly refused to enforce Arizona’s new immigration law because he personally does not endorse it.  It is not the sheriff’s prerogative to pick and choose which laws to enforce. (source)

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik Who Could Have Prevented The Arizona Shootings Blames Right Wing Again And Again (Feel free to jump to the end of this article — NPR, unknowingly, just put the blame on Sheriff Dupnik. Oops.)

These tactics are straight out of the Saul Alinsky/Stalinist/Leninist playbook for communist revolution; which Hillary Clinton based her graduate thesis on. The thesis is “sealed” from all scrutiny. I’d love to know what she wrote.

Loons & Baboons:

Cafferty: Palin Can’t Be President Due to ‘Inflammatory’ Reply to Critics

These people don’t just suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome,  they are really insane: Read More

Muslim turd Keith Ellison: Sarah Palin May Have Hit ‘The End Of Her Political Ride’

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told the Bill Press Show on Thursday. “In fact I think Sarah Palin may be looking at the end of her political ride. I think she may be at the end of her ride right now. If Sarah Palin would have said ‘you know what, I probably have been responsible for overblown rhetoric and I’m going to watch myself,’ that would be different. But she is completely unrepentant. (Puff Ho)

WatchRadio Caller Blasts Al Sharpton Over Palin Blame Game in AZ Shooting Media

“That’s my two cents.”  Read More »

Another Race Huckster  hops on the bus:

Jesse Jackson: America “The Most Violent Nation on Earth”… “We make the most bombs and we drop them. We’re the most violent purveyor, the most violent nation on Earth”

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