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Russia to Import  Sharia Instructors from Syria

“For Benefit from religious Expertise and  Islamic Sciences in Syria”

Just what Russia needs. Not sure if  Putin is in agreement. Does he have any idea what these guys are up to?

Damascus, (SANA) _ Minister of Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed on Wednesday discussed with a delegation of the Russian Muftis’ Council headed by its Chairman, Mufti Mohammad Rahimov means of beefing up communication and coordination between the two sides in the domain of religious work and guidance.

Minister al-Sayyed expressed readiness to develop relations with the Russian side in all domains through providing the required expertise to the Russian imams and preachers, in addition to holding training courses to enhance their competence.

He added that there is a possibility to admit the Russian students who are studying Sharia (Islamic law) at the Syrian Higher Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

For his part, Mufti Rahimov hailed the fraternity prevailing among the Syrian citizens, expressing desire to benefit from the religious expertise and the Islamic sciences in Syria.

Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Are the Moscow Riots Symptoms of Larger Political Trouble?

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Medvedev is just a hollow man, a stuffed man. The trouble is – Putin is not much better. A poor lookout for 2012 for both.

The political regime these two personify refuses to recognize the reality that threatens to destroy not just the regime, but also the country itself. The reality is this: the population of Russia (not just the 79.8 percent of it that are Russians, but practically everyone else who is not a North-Caucasian) is under a sustained attack from the Muslim migrants from the North Caucasus – from Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, etc.

Those North Caucasus “republics” have either fully carried out ethnic cleansing (as in Chechnya, which has murdered or thrown out all of its non-Chechens) or are doing their damndest to squeeze out any non-natives still left there. But that’s just stage one. All of those regions are basket cases in terms of the economy (say, in Ingushetia unemployment is 56 percent), so the next stage is spreading throughout Russia – and as good as conquering it, taking over businesses, municipal and other administrative institutions, and behaving most aggressively toward locals.

A few factors go for the invaders. The Muslims, apart from being united in faith, mostly of the radical Islamist variety, are well organized. The organization is primitive, of the tribal or clannish sort, but quite effective. The invaded locals rely on the police and government to protect them, but they rely in vain. The police are simply suborned, as in the Egor Sviridov case and thousands of others, while the local and federal governments refuse to admit the fact of ethnic strife, automatically mumbling inanities about mere “hooliganism” where ethnic strife is plainer than the noses on their faces.