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Andrew Bolt rips the Queen of Crock & Schlock: Putting a name on the present

When Oprah gives, there’s a very good chance someone else is picking up the tab – even as she is picking up the glory.

What junkies for conspicuous altruism we are: Stealing from little Peter to make big Paul smug
Here’s hope for change:
Running out of other peoples money: another red ratbag under false flag  is on the way out…. (to be replaced by other parasites……)
The moderate Left is belatedly gagging on Bob Brown and his Greens, with their mad climate catastrophism and sinister “anti Zionism”.  The Left turns on Brown
Don’t eat that yellow snow:
“I have never seen snow before, so I want to have a bit of a look around Geneva. I just want to throw a snowball. It’s a great honour to be able to go over and represent the AFL and be part of this.” I’d take a free trip to play in Geneva’s snow, too
Wishing he was a statue: parvenu KRudd

Kevin Rudd continues to distort Australia’s foreign policy to promote his own absurd United Nations ambitions:

KRudd is set to travel to Africa in an effort to shore up votes for Australia’s Security Council bid and harness the continent’s growing economic potential for Australian investors.

And now,  the Flood Levy:

Fabulous. The surplus squandered, the rainy day comes and there Labor goes again:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has warned that the economic impact from the flooding in Queensland could result in both spending cutbacks and a flood levy.

This is going to require some difficult decisions, spending cutbacks and there may even a levy,” Ms Gillard said on ABC’s 7.30 Report tonight.

Forget the levy. Slash the waste, from the “cash for clunkers” and solar power programs to the National Broadband Network, which alone is worth the price of two Queensland reconstructions.

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  1. Re Oprah and the Bolt piece.

    Let the record show that this is one Australian ready and able to step up to the plate and donate a Pearl Necklace to any woman wanting one anywhere in Australia with or without Oprah’s endorsement.

    I commend Oprah and her promotion of this gift to her supporters.
    Andrew of course she is not the donor everyone knows that.

  2. I don’t know Oprah’s views on Judaism, Israel, and the Israel-Arab baseball game, but I think the hijab works wonders for Oprah.

  3. When my smart young son heard about the Broadband nonsense in Aussie , he came up with a solution is about 50 sec s flat..but then he is a just a smart 19 yr old boy. He said all that needed to happen was for the govt to subsidize the costs to those in out of the way areas..that is subsidize there existing systems..Instead Julia, of the nails scraping on blackboards voice , bribed voters with an enormous spend plan..What was it 47 billion?? She must be mad as well as stupid as well as financially illiterate…and like any stupid socialist , she now has her hand out for more.

    1. This is not about broadband, its about redistribution of wealth.

      In reality, they would abolish it, if only they could.

      (Conroy, lying rodent commie-apparatchik will see to it that censorship is worse than in China)

  4. Kevin Rudd does not seem to understand that the United Nations are almost a defunct organization. It stopped being effective thirty years ago. they have failed to stop wars, famine, disease and poverty for the very people it was set up to protect. It is a toothless tiger.

    It was Doc Evatt, Australian Barrister who helped to write the foundation Charter of this organization. It was then called Empire Of Nations immediately after WW2. It seemed at the time it would bring more stability to poorer nations and strengthen the weak. Of course, it only remained so, for 15 years.

    Now it is only a stage for wealthy nations to strut their stuff, with little regard for the people it was meant to protect.

    If Rudd gets his way now, he will be the Australian who sees it demise.

  5. The Big O. Anyone with half a brain would know this about Opera. Very rarely, do we see the real Oprah, bur sometimes we catch a glimps of it and it is very telling.
    Since organized religions have failed, a new kind of God has arrisen – the talk show host. They will cure all, tell us how we should behave and how we feel about it. The audiances clutch on to every word. Let there emotions out to grovel at the alter of wealth. Just a sign of the times. Yes, but more likely to be the new “Faith”.

  6. Anyone with half a brain knows that a small sized pearl necklace retails for $6/ in India. At wholesale it would cost $4 delivered. This fat nincompoop, just like obama, gets away with fooling the mindless people who watch her show. This clown should be sent back to work in the cotton fields.
    What can anyone say about KRUDD and Pinocchio Gillard. One is as bad as the other. They are both brainless clots with a brain dead following. I reckon they both have only one policy and that is to wreck our economy.

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