The Chinese know one when they see one….

eye on the world:

Hussein has his place…. in China.

A wallet and a T-shirt bearing an image of U.S. President Hussein Obama’s face, in place of the usual image of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong, are displayed for sale at a souvenir shop in Beijing, January 18, 2011. (Reuters Pictures)

The Chinese know one when they see one.

Governor of Hawaii Finds Birth Certificate After All

At first he failed, but he tried and tried again, and finally Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie succeeded in producing the Manchurian Moonbat’s birth certificate:

Now at last those asking awkward questions about Obama’s secret history must shut up.

Sad Hill News via Moonbattery


One thought on “The Chinese know one when they see one….”

  1. After living in China over the last five years I feel elements of the ruling elite and onl;y party in China are more right wing than we could ever be. They have a greater understanding of Islam than any of us do. They just have zero tolerance. And you may have noticed they dont have the plethora of suicide boombers. They would wipe out the entire family to be sure they got them all.
    On the other hand I was able to attend Church services and so were many Chinese attending our particular brand of Christianity and most churches had fair attendance. We sang all the old hymns and the other worshippers were very open and friendly.
    I can only say as I saw. My visits to church were not because of my religious feelings, I was very curious and I had to see it for myself.
    As for the Chinese, there are as many snobs there as there are in an English parlour. The family system, the name of the family, if you came fromm the north or south China, how dark is your skin, and the Beijing are still locked in a time warp as though they are very. very special people because they are so tall.

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