The Shooter

Jared Loughner

Tim Blair: Naturally, Arizona gunman Jared Loughner is a truther: That puts him in great company. And the quality connections continue, with the lawyer who once represented an idealistic Berkeley math professor set to defend the murdering misfit…..TRUTH DAWNS

NY Daily News: Gunman Hid Creepy Skull Shrine in His Yard

Meanwhile, the unhinged left is determined not to let  a good crisis go to waste:


Michelle Malkin:

Andrew Bolt:

IT took just hours for the media to finger the villain responsible for the shooting of US Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  It was Sarah Palin what done it, officer. And other Right-wingers just like that witch.

Such is the deranged hatred that so many on the Left feel for the former Republican vice-presidential candidate.  But there’s a few things wrong with this narrative. It’s false, it’s foul; and it’s savagely hypocritical.

The framing of Sarah Palin

3 thoughts on “The Shooter”

  1. Yep, we do need to save money. Why spend millions on court cases when he was seen doing the act? Because there are many Lawyers in politics and they badly need the money.

    quick and deliberate action just like China. Its a great crowd controller. Wonder what wikileaks will have to tell us about this?

  2. The perp’s defense:

    (A) Right-wing pollies & bloggers made him do it.
    (B) History of mental illness.

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