5 thoughts on “"Transformed by the Experience…"”

  1. Interesting interview indeed. However with studies like this , Im sure its biased as theres no samples ranges or proper data collection. Im sure she did not stay with the polygamists’ dysfunctional families.

    However, this rather conflicts with the sharia. The men dont need to ask permission from the previous wives to get another wife.

    We have evolved, knowing that many biblical figures were polygamist wasnt the issue. We understand women & their feelings & therefore we dont do it.

  2. The study seems flawed – however one needs to examine relevant papers before passing judgement.

  3. Sad. Having more than one spouse devalues each additional spouse, and the first spouse. Pretty plain and simple to me.

  4. I can see how women can get along.
    Women also find it easier to make love to one another.
    Maybe that has something to do with it.
    Who knows?
    One day, as sharia creeps in there will be more of it happening.
    I’m sure the Mormon church welcomes this.

  5. If they wish to practice polygamy they should move to a country that allows it, and live in the context where polygamy has been allowed to shape the society at large.

    They are taking advantage of a society that has developed in monogamy, and using that context to defend how well they are doing.

    The reality is that if they wish to be polygamists, they should live with all the implications of polygamy, and that means in a medium that has been shaped by polygamy.

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