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Sources: Security threat level for London raised to ‘severe’

Must be them bloody Zionists again. Muslims don’t do terrorism  because Islam is a religion of peace, right?

London (CNN) — New information has emerged from an intelligence operation about the possibility of an attack being planned in or near London, with subway stations and airports of particular concern to officials, a British security source told CNN Thursday.

CNN understands that the intelligence operation concerns a possible Mumbai-style attack, the source said. (CNN)

Holy Crack

Drug dealer hid crack cocaine in underpants, resists search on religious grounds

A CONVICTED drug dealer who hid crack cocaine in his underpants when police raided his mother’s pub was yesterday jailed for two years. Joel James, 23, was seen hiding the drugs shortly after officers arrived at the Arbourthorne Hotel, in Sheffield, on September 23 last year Sheffield Crown Court heard.

He initially refused to be searched, telling police he was only 17 and then claiming that they could not search him because he was a Muslim. (More)

U.K.: Police and MI5 monitoring roughly 500 known jihadists

The Tiny Minority of Extremists: it just never seems to get tinier. Only less so. “500 UK terrorists targeted by police and MI5,” by Chris Hughes and John Clements for theDaily Mirror, January 6 (thanks to JW)

A working class hero is something to be:


The Chosen One Chosen By The Few (She’s also ugly inside)

“Baroness Ashton has failed to fully attend two thirds of European Commission meetings over the past year, leaving Britain without a voice in the most important forum for EU law making, according to research by The Daily Telegraph.

Officials and diplomats have questioned her commitment to the job, which has a salary of more than £230,000 a year, and especially her reluctance to be away from her London-based family at weekends.”  Full story click on this link here: Absent Baroness Ashton leaves Britain without a voice (Sir Henry Morgan)

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  1. Have you seen the video about the EU and its leeches on Kitman? Apparently “baroness” Ashton et al like to sign in on Friday mornings for a full weekend’s pay (taxpayers’ pay) then immediately bugger off. Why would she want to hang around for hours whenillions of euro. it’s just going to be boring anyway?

    People, you must see the docu about the British contribution to the EU (billions of euro, no work) on Kitman. It is deeply scary.

    But one thing, Sheik: Can you stop criticising your female enemies for their looks? Clinton, Napolitano (or whatever her name is) Helen the Jew hater, now Ashton – always but always you hold up their lack of beauty as a weapon against them. You never or hardly ever do that with men. Can’t we please, and that’s what this site is all about, isn’t it, judge people solely by their actions? And what they write and say? Then I’ll be behind you (ha ha) all the way. Unless you have facial hair.

  2. * A CONVICTED drug dealer who hid crack … (in his crack?)

    Naturally, it wasn’t his fault:

    [Mr Barradell said James had seen the drugs being hidden in the pub by someone else and had decided to move them to ensure police did not discover them.]

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