UK Report: Sex, Rape & White Slaves

Trusted Koran teacher convicted of sexual assault against girls as young as four.

He was convicted on all 13 counts.

Ashraf Miah, 38, of Joseph Street, Mile End, was sentenced to three years and three months imprisonment, put on the sex offenders register for life and is not allowed to work with children.  The tragedy of this case is that a “highly respected member of the community” took advantage of their position of trust. (Source)

Police could not speak out about Asian sex gangs for fear of appearing ‘institutionally racist’, a senior officer said yesterday.

Arab Muslims haggling over the sale of a slave girl…..

Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent, said the targeting of underage and vulnerable girls had been going on for decades.  He added: ‘You have girls being abused and raped and yet the most senior officers are refusing to comment on it. On what other subject would you get that?

‘How many young girls have been abused and raped because of the reluctance of the authorities to say exactly what is happening?’

Mr Gradwell spoke out following a trial in Derby which resulted in Abid Saddique, 27, and Mohammed Liaqat, 28, being jailed for a total of 19 years last week after targeting underage girls.

His warning also follows the arrests of a gang of Asian men over claims they plied 14 white girls with drink and drugs before turning them into sex slaves in Rochdale, near Manchester.

In the aftermath of these cases, former home secretary Jack Straw prompted controversy when he described some of the victims as ‘easy meat’ for gangs – often made up of Pakistani men – who trawl the streets looking for sex. The vulnerable girls in Rochdale – some as young as 13 – say they were forced to work the streets as prostitutes and hand over money to the gang.

The nine men, eight of them Asian, (Paki Muslims, not Japanese or Chinese) were questioned by detectives after officers swooped on a number of addresses. (Daily Mail)

Mohammad gets “confused by very permissible Western society”

A (Muslim) pervert used a mirror to spy on women as they got changed at swimming baths in Manchester.  A court heard that student Mohammad Bataineh, who is originally from Jordan, was confused by ‘very permissive’ Western society.

But a judge sitting at Manchester magistrates court ‘utterly rejected’ his excuse, saying: “You have been in this country for three years.”  Bataineh, 35, a PhD student at Salford University, admitted committing two counts of voyeurism at the Manchester Aquatics Centre. (Source)

Muhammad, profit of Islam, and Mariya, his sex slave

Prophet: “Having sex with slave girls is not dishonorable. Allah has made* them halal for me.” (33.50 “Mohammed , sex with slave girls and captured women is halal for you) (Source)

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  1. “The Wimmins Movement” would be salivating to the point of orgasim had these Paedophiles and perverts NOT been Muslims.

    The useful idiots that help enable the UN’s very own Mad Dog ,Islam, are always silent whenever Islam’s Rabid Mad Dog Paedophile Son’s of allah are let loose upon Western Children and Women.

    Identification+Internment+ Repatriation to whatever Islamic cesspool they or their parents / grandparents ran away from.

  2. It is happening right here in Australia my friend. As in the UK, police or authorities are not prepared to speak up. When was the last time these events were covered by mainstream Media here in Australia? You will be hard pushed to find it – yet I know it is going on.

    Then of course they have their famous eye rape! Women cant walked along our streets without this happening. Dont forget the taxi drivers who indulge their fantacies on women who are unfortunate enough to get into their cab. Married men most of them.

    Take a walk on the wild side. Try to walk past the the Bankstown taxi rank? They are leering filthy bastards. Never heard one of them speak English in my life. They are in control all over the streets of Sydney and we all fear what can happen on a grand scale should any terrorists be let loose. They are in control of the streets of our city.

    Their is no help in sight in the near future because the police and the politicians are scared shitless of them. The longer they refuse to address this and other problems, that very problem will get worse.

  3. Cathy,
    You have seen the response to the floods. The same will happen when the muslims start their game openly. The population will crush them. We just need to keep their numbers down. Muslims are a virus – and at present the only viable solution is a bullet.

  4. Austrailia is being targeted by Muslim illegal(criminal) immigrants and they are not punished for entering the country illegally which is crime in all countries of the world. Your readers may be interested in the punishment meted out to illegal immigrants in Singapore.

    Singapore’s Punishment for Illegal Aliens – Caning (vanity) ^
    Posted on Fri Nov 09 2007 17:11:16 GMT+0800 (MYT) by PanzerKardinal

    Was looking through the above website which lists the offenses punishable by caning in Singapore.

    Saw all the usual stuff – drug smuggling, robbery, rape, murder, vandalism (think Michael Fay), etc..

    But to my surprise I saw these offenses in the middle of the page.

    Entering or remaining in Singapore without a valid pass – minimum strokes 3 maximum strokes 24

    Illegal overstayers for a period exceeding 90 days – minimum strokes 3 maximum strokes 24

    Engaged in business of conveying into Singapore of prohibited immigrant – minimum strokes 3 maximum strokes 24

    Knowingly employing more than 5 illegal immigrants – minimum strokes 3 maximum strokes 24

    Wonder how many employers in the US would hire illegal immigrants if they knew not only would they be facing a fine and/or imprisonment but also face having their butts flayed?

  5. You are so righ Kaw and I do know the strength of the Aussie, it s being displayed this very day,. I have been shedding tears of pride in my nation. Not for the politicians, but for the ordinary Aussie who gets in and does what he must to help their mates and strangers.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that we will defeat those who would harm us. We have got to inform the public and dont let them catch the Islam virus.

    Three cheers for Anna Bligh. What a stoic leader she has become. Australians work better under great strain and with great valour. She is an inspiration to all Australians. It would be wonderful that every day of the year, they could all work together as they are today.

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