What's going on?

Powder Keg Middle East:

Pakistan: no ‘POP’ (sic) to bash, Muslims bash Christians instead….

“If you challenge the profit,  we will take revenge. It doesn’t matter who does it,” shouted a cleric on loudspeakers to thousands of cheering onlookers.

Yep. POP is religious terrorist. Apart from the spelling, I also have a problem with POP…..

Another Christian family on the run from blasphemy law

A Muselmama’s  hand is so swollen that she hasn’t been able to make rotis since the day of the incident. Muselman sez:   I’ve been getting my meals from a restaurant,” -Sameer added that he was very proud of his wife’s performance during the mob beating. “She beat Zahira more than anyone else.”

They really suck at making effigies, too….

American born cleric terrorist Anwar al Awlaqi wants your money:

…but that’s not all:  he also exhorts the believers to “kill Americans “without hesitation.”

Awlaqi also said it was permissible to snatch the wealth of the enemy through deception and urged Muslims to use stolen money to fund jihad, or holy war. (Damn. Whatever happened to that peaceful inner struggle?) (Source)

Stealing the wealth of the kuffar is halal:

Quebec: Muslim immigration consultant arrested for helping hundreds in Middle East collect benefits from Canada

A European imam was caught on tape a few years ago saying that it was permissible to steal from the kuffar, since the Muslims were entitled to jizya payments from them anyway, and those payments were not being made. “Quebec immigration consultant arrested in fraud ring,” by Stewart Bell for the National Post, January 6

Texas vs Sharia: Texas Rep. Berman Files Resolution To Ban ‘Religious Or Cultural Law’

“Islamophobia” is all the rage:

4 synagogues and a Jewish school vandalized in Montreal: “Vandals” strike overnight at four synagogues, Jewish school. (No wonder Muslims are upset. Or not…)

Need a slave?

Syed Soharwardy Smackdown: Kanwar -Yes, Islam condones wife beatings, misogyny

“If Marvin Levant can show me a single verse in the holy Qur’an of what he wrote in his letter, I will be his slave for the rest of my life.” Syed Soharwardry

Some Muselturds think the kuffars are ignorant and stoopid like Muslims…..