Would You Buy a Used Nobel Price From This Muselman?

Egypt: ElBaradei under house arrest, police use water cannons against demonstrators

No wonder Iran was able to built a nuclear power when this guy was in the UN Nuclear Inspection team –  he’s in league with the Muslim Brotherhood!

The Muslim Brotherhood supports ElBaradei. And vise versa…

Update: ElBaradei does the Hopn’Change Intifadah:

“If the regime does not step down, the people’s Intifada will continue”

“ElBaradei Now Under House Arrest,” from the Wall Street Journal, January 28:

Egyptian security officials say Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei is under house arrest, the AP reported. Police stationed outside his suburban Cairo home told him he cannot leave the house after he joined tens of thousands of protesters in the capital Friday.Earlier, police used water cannons against Mr. ElBaradei and his supporters as they joined the latest wave of protests after Friday noon prayers. Police also used batons to beat some of Mr. ElBaradei’s supporters, who surrounded him to protect him.

Mr. Elebaradei, who has spent much of his life outisde [sic] Egypt, returned to the country late Thursday, greeted by friends and some supporters. “It is a critical time in the life of Egypt,” he told reporters upon his arrival. “I wish we didn’t have to go into the streets to impress upon the regime that they have to change.”…

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One thought on “Would You Buy a Used Nobel Price From This Muselman?”

  1. 3,000 Islamic supremacists and Leftists demonstrate against regime

    And we know what happened to the Leftists after the revolution in Iran.
    Leftist or Greenies do not have the intestinal fortitude or intelligence to be allowed into any position of power in western democracies. They are traitors of the weakest kind.

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