Australian Beheadings

ABC Headhunters or just a “Freudian snip?” (Andrew Bolt)

The ABC’s headline:

Calls for Morrison’s head in ‘anti-Muslim’ row

Reader Alan RM Jones:

We all know how Islamists deal with their enemies, but now the ABC?

Under pressure: Scott Morrison

Twice this immigration may mean twice this trouble

We’re told there are too few to worry about, and we’re told there are too many to offend.

I don’t see how a debate on Muslim immigration can be avoided given the figures Sally Neighbour cites:

Muslims overall remain one of the most disadvantaged groups in Australia.

The figures are in a 2009 report by the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Social and Economic Conditions of Australian Muslims: Implications for Social Inclusion.

On the upside, it found that education-wise Muslims are high achievers: 21 per cent of Muslim males have a university degree, compared with 15 per cent of non-Muslims. But this doesn’t translate into financial rewards, apparently because of language barriers, discrimination and non-recognition of qualifications obtained abroad. Unemployment among Muslims is two to four times the rates among other Australians. Twice as many Muslims have no income. Only 15 per cent own their own homes, compared with one-third of other Australians. Twenty-six per cent of Muslim teenagers are unemployed, against 14 per cent of non-Muslims. And, shockingly, 40 per cent of Muslim children live in poverty, almost three times the national average.

The report found Australian Muslims are more vulnerable to multigenerational endemic poverty, “thus making poverty a way of life”. This in turn creates alienation from mainstream society, leading to higher rates of delinquency, crime, imprisonment and potentially resort to religious extremism.

This is absolute bullshit. How Islam works to impoverish Muslims we can see here in the jihad against teachers in Thailand:

The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.  (Source)

Nor am I particularly reassured by Sheik Hilali’s attempt to placate fears of terrorism attacks from a very small minority of those many more dissaffected:

Lakemba imam Hilali acknowledges the frustration and anger that can potentially breed violent extremism are palpable in his community.

“There are no terrorists in Australia in terms of execution. There are people who have the mindset to commit harm, but no one has the capacity to execute anything. What it is, is just a mindset – just talk and ideas.”

These are all problems we struggle with today. How much more will we struggle in, say, 20 years’ time:

The first is a report published last month by the Washington-based Pew Research Centre’s Forum on Religion and Public Life, The Future of the Global Muslim Population: Projections for 2010-2030. Using figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it predicts Muslim numbers in Australia will increase by 80 per cent, compared with 18 per cent for the population overall growing from 399,000 at present to 714,000. This is due first to higher reproduction rates – Muslim families typically have four or more children, while other Australians have one or two – and, second, to migration from Muslim majority countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Iran.

The reactions to the projection among Australian Muslim leaders varies from cautious optimism to scepticism and open dismay.

It seems to me that we have entered that space between when we’re told there are too few to worry about, and when we’re told there are too many to offend.

6 thoughts on “Australian Beheadings”

  1. Not according to last night’s program Gangs of Oz.

    Rather than being disadvantaged, they are into the seriously big, big money, if that is how you define disadvantaged.

    AS far as a heart, a brain and being cowardly is concerned – yes they are disadvantaged.

    They are into every crime imaginable. rape and murder is just an entre for these people. Seriously, if we dont stop them RIGHT NOW, may our God save us from our Current Politicians. WE HAVE A WAR ON TWO FRONTS – 1 from the Muslim Brotherhood, and 2, OUR VERY OWN POLITICIANS.

    Yes, and by their own report, “They are great achievers” (Muslims)you got that one right too. Whatever group in the history of the world can wrangle their way into Europe USA and Australia – then proceed to destroy our society single handedly. They are achieving this alright.

    On the day of the funerals of the INVADERS OF OUR COUNTRY, I thought, at last someone who tells it like it is. Now he, Scott Morrison does a belly up. Liberals everytime. About face.

    If there are too FEW TO WORRY ABOUT, then why is it that our law eforcement cannot shut them down? They cant? They Wont? Just what is it?


    I would very gladly offer to take a turn at minding the shop at any police station in NSW. This should free up enough police to get on top of this shooting, raping, rebirthing cars, DRUGS, PROSTITUTION, and a whole lot of other stuff that most of us dont even know it exists.

    It cant be too difficult to mind a cop shop, if it was there would not be as many police graduating from the Academy. It aint Rocket Science, or is it?

  2. Why would a disadvantaged person like Keysar Trad get a job?

    He is not disadvantages. He has three or four wives, (Ha, first cousins) and when he is running out of cash, well I wont mention that, or he can sue someone, preferable a government authority, because they pay up so fast, it would make his prayer mat fly so high (on what). Those magic carpets bring a lot of goodies you know.

    I know many pensioners who would love his weekly income. Our Pensioners are the disadvantaged ones, not this rootin’ tootin’ carpet riding crack pot. Or is that “Pot Head”.

  3. We need to throw the PC goons out of office – at all levels – and remove the muslims who have positions in political office. We have to do this now , so simply get your local councillor and polly and tell them that you will throw them out of office if they do not work against these muslim scum.

  4. People can write to Morrrison and Abott, with a copy to the ABC to support them (Abbott and Morrison) in taking a stand against the muslim invaders. Make no mistake – the muslims are doing the same but asking Abbott to remove Morrison. You have to make your voices louder than these invading muslim scum. Write NOW!!

  5. i agree and ask the same question as catherine… they smell of cowards, they fight like a flag football team, and no one can rid them? the time is coming when politicians will no longer “call the shots”. if chaos will bring forth the # 12 dumbass, then so be it..lets get it over with…we get enough arrogance and uppity attitudes from the politicians, we sure as hell dont need additional dribblings from the muslim peanut gallery…just like the many lovely “death threats” that come across this site…we kill you bad infidel…or submit or die…well Allah Akbar, save your breath, cuz you will need it later “to blow me”…..

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