Get a job Keysar. Just get a job!

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LSM to the rescue:

The latest criticism of so called “multiculturalism” from various political leaders brought our main stream media into a damage control frenzy (just read those teary Christmas Island funeral stories).

And yes, it is all about Muslims (painted by the media as good, sometimes misunderstood individuals), who suffer terribly from the hands of bigoted Australians.

And all they do is just desperately try to fit into the society despite some insignificant cultural differences.

Oh, why people just can’t get along (and accept the burqa, wife beatings and FGM).

As a devout Muslim and second-generation Lebanese-Australian, Mohamad is a migrant success story, but as he readily concedes, he is not typical of the young men in his community.

In addition to crime and disadvantage, he has grown up experiencing the more everyday manifestations of racial intolerance – ridicule for a different-sounding name and a funny set of customs. “There is no doubting the hurdles we face, the problems,” the 21-year-old said yesterday. “So many of the boys I used to know were capable of so much more but they’re in prison, or sitting at home, or looking for a job, or on minimum wages because of the limitations put on them, by themselves and by the society.” (source)

Can you see how Drew Warne-Smith and Paul Cleary (authors of the quoted spittle) are sweating to make you forget Islam and feel compassionate for those misunderstood individuals?

By the way why it is Muslims who are driven into criminal activities because some bad Aussies ridicule their surnames but not  the Hindu, Chinese or Buddhists?

Are Muslims more psychologically  frail than the rest of humanity?

Of course bringing Keysar Trad into their story  as a role model for the “disadvantaged” and misunderstood Muslim youths is a major fiasco.

It also exposes the intent and the forces behind this latest media spin.

Somebody has to pay the ferryman

Keysar Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said while it was important for Muslims to acknowledge the problems in their communities, those communities were filled with families committed to the country and the basic concern of trying to forge a better life. “We’ve worked hard to get rid of this idea of clash of civilisations. It’s a false construct. In Islam we are taught that societies progress through a meeting of different people.” (source)

“We’ve worked hard???

Get a job Keysar. Just get a job.

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  1. Please explain why Mohammedans infiltrate everywhere then try to change where they have infiltrated into a carbon copy barbaric shariah run cesspit just like the one they ran away from. It exposes the lie that these are ‘economic’ immigrants just looking for the good life. The reallity is they are just ‘soft’ Jihadis playing on the Wests moonbat naivety, gullibility and PC induced stupidity.

  2. @Realist. The Mohammedan or koranimals infiltrate everywhere and try to change the place because they are taught to do so by their preachers like for example Maudidi.
    “Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which Nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic State.”
    Read more at this site:

  3. Oh yeah UR right Sheik the Moonbats went into PC overdrive to protect their favourite cult. Truly pathetic. & as usual ‘they’ are always the victims.

    I nearly bawled my eyes out reading the drivel in the so called ‘right wing’ Australian today.

    Clueless idiots.

  4. “Get a job Keysar. Just get a job.”

    Now, come on Sheik. Be fair.

    If UglyKeysarBaby got a job he would not have the energy to inflict his Revolting Fat Body onto his second (or more?) hijabbed wives. Please consider the distress it would cause him and his wives. Fair dinkum!

  5. Australia believes that it needs Islam as a way to counter Chinese expansion. That is why they are supporting Indonesia economically. Within 15 years, the Chinese population will be composed of older people that will need support from a younger population that has been decimated by the one child policy. Yet, in Indonesia, India, and Asian countries, Islam is spreading demographically. A confederacy of Islamic nations in Asia will easily combine to form a 100 million men army.

    The reality is that if Australia wishes to protect itself it must go nuclear (They should have at their disposal hundreds, if not a thousand nuclear missiles), and stop Muslim immigration. The trend shows that we westerners have lost the plot. We are reducing the number of warheads and allowing Muslim immigration in order to counter China…idiocy at its lowest…

  6. What is astonishing is that Muslims, despite being fully aware that they are not wanted in the UK or the West, are still here. Don’t they have any shame? If I was not wanted in any country, I would be off. The idea of forcing myself on other people’s hospitality is deeply repugnant, and should be a matter of great shame to any honourable person.

    But do they know they are not wanted? Of course they do. Why else would they be screaming Islamophobia. They know, and every Muslim in the West, knows they are not wanted.

    But here the are like leaches and parasites.

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