6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: "America, This Is Going To Freak You Out"”

  1. The similarities between Revelation’s descripton of the anti-Christ and the teachings of the Twelvers’ teaching concerning the 12th imam aren’t that amazing, considering how much of Jewish and Christian teachings were originally plagiarized in the creation of mohammed-the-pedophiles death cult.
    More of the same with this 12th imam nonsense, imo.
    The mohammedans just took some passages out of the bible and twisted the interpretation to support the islamic agenda.
    It certainly doesn’t mean that the 12th imam is the ant-Christ.
    There’s no guarantee that islam will even be around if and when the Revelations’ anti-Christ makes an appearance.
    In fact, there’s an abundance of Christian prophecy that predicts islam will be completely wiped out in a coming world war(a truly brutal war, definitely no PC or MC involved), followed by a period of peace, and THEN the coming of the anti-Christ.

  2. Hold on Mike_W…EVERYTHING about the Anti-Christ from Revelation and Daniel lines up with the Islamic Mahdi. He seeks to change “dates & times” [from the B.C./A.D. to the Islamic Hijri calender based upon lunar dating system]…neither respects the desire of women [Islam is the most female opressive religion there is]…serves a unknown god of war/forces [allah is the god of Jihad war and he was unknown at the time to the Jews when Daniel wrote this prophecy]. The beast of Revelation perfectly aligns with the kingdom/nations of the reborn Islamic caliphate surrounding Israel [all the beasts listed are exactly the symbols of Iran, Syria, Eygpt and others in the Bible]. After the war of Gog Magog, the Anti-Christ signs a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and then breaks it half way through [which prefectly describes the Islamic treaty called a Hudna, a re-gathering of forces to strike back at a enemy another time when their strength is regained]. Has a affinity for beheading [ Need I even be redundant by paralleling this with Jihad Muslims?].

  3. Quote:
    The mohammedans just took some passages out of the bible and twisted the interpretation to support the islamic agenda.
    end quote.

    It’s a Western text. In the Muslim mind, there is nothing holy in the Bible at all.
    So they give themselves every right to mangle it, physically and textually.

  4. The problem with the Mahdi being the “Anti- Christ is the fact that since the Lord Jesus was a Jew,so will the Anti-Christ be. Of course it is possible to have a Jewish Muslim. Some have actually converted to Islam,as retarded as that is!!!

  5. eib, you are one of natures freaks. You belong to a satanic cult which came about in the 7th century. You people are so brain washed that you wouldn’t know your arse from your elbow. Read carefully what REVPARADIGM wrote and with a little bit of God’s grace, you might understand and know the truth.

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