I, Hussein Obama, Command the U.S. Economy!

GWB is a genius when compared with the Manchurian moonbat who eagerly introduces his very own version of  Robert Mugabe style economics to the U.S.:

Obama Says US Companies Need to Set Up Shop Here & Hire Our Workers – It’s Their Obligation (Gateway Pundit)

No it’s not.

It’s not their obligation.
…Not if taxes are too high, government impediments are too overbearing and they can’t make any money.

Obama thinks he can force businesses to set up shop here just like he can force us to buy insurance.

U.S. President Hussein Obama pauses as he speaks to the media at the White House in Washington, February 1, 2011. (Reuters)

Hussein Obama continues to show he knows absolutely nothing about the capitalist system – a system he is determined to destroy.

Obama embarrassed himself again in his weekly address.
The AP reported:

Obama devoted his weekly radio and Internet message Saturday to ideas from his State of the Union address, specifically a plan to put the U.S. on a more competitive footing globally by spending scarce dollars on innovation, education and the nation’s infrastructure.

But it gets worse, far worse:

Obama Turns Over British Nuclear Secrets to Russians

At least the WikiLeaks revelations have made it crystal clear why no one in his right mind should want an unvetted community organizer with a radical background in charge of the country, no matter how “historic” his skin color. Possibly motivated by his malignant anticolonialist ideology, the Backstabber in Chief has once again demonstrated his hatred of our closest ally (and colonizer of his ancestral homelandKenya), this time by offering British nuclear secrets to the Russians. (Moonbattery)

“In today’s global, competitive economy, the best jobs and newest industries will take root in countries with the most skilled workers, the strongest commitment to research and technology and the fastest ways to move people, goods and information,” the president said, previewing a speech he is giving to the influential U.S. Chamber of Commerce early next week.

Underscoring his points, Obama referenced his visit this week to Penn State University, where researchers are designing more energy-efficient buildings. He also spoke about next Thursday’s trip to Marquette, Mich., a place the White House says illustrates how increased Internet access can help businesses grow. Obama has called for expanding high-speed, wireless Internet access to 98 percent of Americans within five years.

He talked about federal tax credits and financing programs that are helping companies boost their bottom lines and hire workers.

Obama said that government has a responsibility to support businesses but that businesses have responsibilities, too.

“They should set up shop here and hire our workers and pay decent wages and invest in the future of this nation,” he said. “That’s their obligation.”

Companies have no obligation to do business in the US if they can’t make a profit. US corporations pay the highest taxes in the world. If Obama really wanted to create jobs he’d lower the tax rate and lift his illegal offshore deepwater drilling moratorium.
But, he doesn’t and he won’t.

Related… Obama killed at least another 800 jobs this week.
Shell Alaska dropped plans to to drill in the Arctic waters of the Beaufort Sea this year.
Via the AP:

“Their foot dragging means the loss of another exploration season in Alaska, the loss of nearly 800 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs,” Begich said. “That doesn’t count the millions of dollars in contracting that won’t happen either at a time when our economy needs the investment.”

One thought on “I, Hussein Obama, Command the U.S. Economy!”

  1. It’s their obligation . . . their obligation to who?
    They don’t swear oaths.
    They are opportunists, and if they see nothing to gain, they won’t stay.
    It’s not just a matter of taxes and productivity. Conditions have to be such that a corporate investor can see himself actually getting wealthy here before he commits a dollar.

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