Imam Obama: tax the unbelievers wherever you find them!

Again,  the Muslim reveals that he can’t think out of the box:

‘Invite the unbelievers to 3 courses of action: to submit to Islam, to pay the jiziya, and if they refuse, kill them…”

Obama wants to impose “visiting tax” on Canadians to help pay for his socialist agenda

No doubt visiting Muslims are eligible for a waiver….

(National Post) The Obama administration wants Canadians to pay to enter the United States to help ease that country’s desperate financial crunch.  (via eye on the world)

A proposed “passenger inspection” fee is outlined in the draft 2012 U.S. federal budget that has been sent to Congress. If adopted, the charge is expected to be levied against millions of commercial air and marine travellers from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, the only areas now exempt from the fee, and generate US$110-million annually. The fee would not apply to automobile traffic.

With about 16 million Canadians flying to the U.S. each year, a $5.50 head tax would raise almost US$90-million of the annual total and help pay for more beefed up U.S. border security.


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