Indonesia: "Interfaith Week" Turns Into "Wave of Hate"

Nothing to do with Islam. Nothing that another billion dollars from Australia for mosques and madrassas can’t fix: ‘

“More Jiziya needed”, says KRudd

RADICAL Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir would be thrilled with the coalition’s plan to freeze $448 million in aid to Indonesian schools, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says. (Source)
The coalition has announced it would defer AusAID’s Australia-Indonesia Education Partnership to help pay for flood and cyclone reconstruction without the need for a levy.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the partnership, which aims to build 2000 schools across the archipelago over the next five years, during a visit to Jakarta last year. (Source)

An Indonesian bishop warned late last year that Islamic supremacists were colonizing” the country from within. And they do not appear to be meeting much resistance from the Vast Majority of Moderates.

Indonesia: Police guarding churches from attacks by Muslims amid “wave of hate”

More on this story. This time, there is a welcome bit of stronger language from the Indonesian president, which is a departure from his remarks following an incident where Christians who were denied permission to use a building as a church were then also harassed and beaten for trying to worship in an empty field.

Yudhoyono’s comments made that incident sound like little more than homeowner’s association dispute. Indeed, his track record, as described below, suggests he is still more alarmed at the immediate prospect of instability and the challenge to public order posed by these rampages than broader principles of genuine equality and freedom of conscience.

“Indonesia police guard churches amid wave of hate,” from Agence France-Presse, February 9 (thanks to JW):

Indonesia: Misunderstanders of Islam burn churches, attack court building

Because a Christian man got five years in prison for distributing pamphlets they considered insulting to Islam. They believed he should have gotten the death penalty. “Indonesia: Angry Muslim crowd attacks Java churches,” from the BBC, February 8 (thanks to JW):

More than 1,000 Muslim protesters have stormed a courthouse and burned two churches in central Java, Indonesia.

Indonesian man whose five-year sentence for “blasphemy” enraged Muslims had also insulted Catholics, who declined to go on a rampage

The Catholic and Protestant response to the Muslim rampage that followed Richmond Bawengan’s sentencing has been quite unlike that of the mob of thousands of Indonesian Muslims who went into the streets looking for Christian targets, and then burned three churches, an orphanage, and a health care center, invaded a Catholic church, and severely beat the priest who tried to defend the tabernacle from desecration.

All for a book and some pamphlets. Priorities. “Muslim violence: civic society, Christian and Muslim leaders against Yudhoyono,” by Mathias Hariyadi for AsiaNews, February 9 via JW:

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono blames local government and security officials for the violence that erupted on Sunday in Banten (Java) that saw three Ahmadis killed. The attack against the Muslim minority was followed by an attack against three churches, a Christian orphanage and medical dispensary in Temanggung Regency (Central Java). However, media, civil society leaders and religious leaders (including Christian leaders) have rejected the president’s charges. For them, the central government is to blame for the repeated cases of confessional violence. A moderate Muslim leader agrees. For him, the “state is powerless when facing hard-line groups.”

A mob stormed the Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Central Java, as well as a Protestant church, Bethel Indonesia Church and its Shekinah school, destroying various cars and motorcycles. In the Catholic church, they attacked statues, the altar as well as the parish priest, Father Saldhana, who was severely beaten for trying to defend the tabernacle.

Mgr Johannes Pujasumarta, archbishop of Semarang, said that the “priest is traumatised by memories of what he saw. He’ll need days of rest to recover body, mind and soul.”

AsiaNews tried to contact the clergyman on his mobile phone, without success. People at the Sacred Family Mission Home in Semarang have asked for privacy. “Please, don’t ask any questions. He needs total rest,” said an administrator at the Mission Home.

Mgr Pujasumarta, who is the secretary general of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia, told AsiaNews that the violence in Temanggung is proof that “acts of vandalism against someone else’s property is not a good solution.” What is more, he warns that matters could get out of control if we “respond to violence with violence.” He also urged journalists to report news based on facts and not fabrications by people with their own agenda.

In fact, now it turns out that Richmond Bawengan, the man whose five-year sentence was the pretext used by Muslim extremists to attack churches yesterday, did not only go after Islam but also Catholics. In the book and pamphlets he handed out, he insulted Our Lady and the Rosary, this according to Fr Aloysius Budipurnomo PR, head of the Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue in Semarang Archdiocese.

Muslim civil society figures, intellectuals and religious leaders have come out against anti-minority violence. Yenny Wahid, daughter of former President Abdurrahman Wahid, urged the leaders of all religious congregations to “show respect for other confessions”. Ulul Huda MA, a high-profile Muslim scholar from the Nahdlatul Ulama (Nu), a moderate Muslim organisation, compared Indonesia to a forest ruled by the law of the jungle as the guarantee for who survives.

The Indonesian president, Yudhoyono, may have been alluding to that comment in his own remarks denouncing the rampage.

Speaking to AsiaNews, he said the “state is powerless in facing extremist groups,” and police “have failed to uphold the law” because they are “threatened by fundamentalists”….

An Indonesian bishop warned late last year that Islamic supremacists were “colonizing” the country from within. And they do not appear to be meeting much resistance from the Vast Majority of Moderates.

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  1. Some moderate Muslims do exist they are the ones who dont really practice Islam however what definitely does not exist is Moderate Islam.

  2. This is what kind of future our country (USA) can look forward to as long as the sheeple keep voting in the likes of Chocobama. I don’t think the GOP is much better either. It seems the politicos are hell bent on pleasing the Islamic screwballs. And,Realist is spot on! There is no such thing as Moderate Islam.Not according to the Qur’an at leaset.
    We are really in a MESS!!!

  3. Yes, it is true that not all people born into Islam are practising Muslims. Many of the people in Turkey have never been inside a mosque. dont want to, are afraid of the zeolots, and view them as queer and repulsive. I am sure there are many like these people. This is why people must have the free will to choose, and this is what Radical and Terrorist Islam does not want. Japan was like this fifty years ago, and in some quarters in that country it still remains.

    Bullies and fanatics know only one way – bloodshed, terror and total obedience to their cause. This is how they stay in power. Iran is the modern example. Fear, their most potent tool and lack of education. If a population cannot read or write, they have no hope of fighting the opressor or even understanding what it is all about. And, We have always really been in a Mess!!! History shows it.

    I was thinking yesterday that in my life time there has always been wars large and small – War keeps the extreamly wealthy this way. Lives are not worth a pinch of shit, but war keeps a minority living in control and luxury. they love war. It will always afflict mankind. Every new generation sees a new beginning, they are conned by a thing called hope.

  4. Kevin Rudd is a pathetic DHIMMI… he wants to fund Muslim schools in Indonesia to the tune of 100 BILLION dollars of OUR Taxpayer money!! Not from OUR purse, Mr Rudd! Have aussies been ASKED about this? did we vote on it? this is money brown nose PM Julia promised Indonesia after she met with Obama. to please his love of Indonesia! this 100 Billion is in addition to the usual contribution we give in aid to Indonesia, dictated to us by the UN.. Stuff the UN and stuff doubly Indonesia!! why should OUR taxes go to pay to build MORE Islamic Madrassas where they teach anti western propaganda and Kuffarphobia!

  5. Indonesia: Another province bans Ahmadis from publicly practicing their religion

    This trend, of course, has risen in response to recent episodes of persecution, though the Ahmadis were not the perpetrators, but the victims. It is striking how quickly Indonesian authorities can move when they care to in order rein in Islamic “heretics.” Of course, such pious zeal is never directed at, say, the rabid thugs (and supposed “misunderstanders of Islam”) of the Islamic Defender Front, or the mob that ransacked Christian buildings and assaulted a priest last month.

    One can only expect this measure will be spun as a move to “protect” the Ahmadis — by making official exactly how few rights they actually have. Still, however, the ban on the public practice of a religion is a deliberately vague proposition designed to intimidate, because simply going about one’s business while identifying oneself as a non-Muslim is to make a non-Islamic faith visible… and therefore, a target.

    An update on this story. “Indonesia: New ban imposed on Ahmadiyah Islamic sect,” from AdnKronos International, March 3:

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