Hizballah top dog tells “holy warriors of the Islamic Resistance” to prepare to invade Israel

With the Muslim Brotherhood advancing in Egypt and talking already about setting aside the Camp David Accords, and with Barack Obama abandoning the U.S.’s most reliable Middle Eastern ally, Nasrallah no doubt sees his best chance coming soon. “‘Prepare to Invade Israel,’ Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers,” by Bassem Mroue forAssociated Press (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

Netanyahu: “Nasrallah said he would capture the Galilee. I have news for you – you won’t”

Hanging tough and all alone. An update on this story. “Bibi Tells Nasrallah: Stay in Your Bunker,” by Maayana Miskin for Israel National News, February 17 (thanks to JW):

Syrian embassy in Egypt aided Hizballah prisoner’s escape

At the behest of Hassan Nasrallah himself. (Don’t worry: we will get this cocksucker sooner or later) “The Syrian intelligence head was reportedly eager to help.” “‘Syrian embassy aided Hezbollah prisoner’s escape,'” from the Jerusalem Post, February 17:

Guess who Iran blames for demonstrations

The Zionist regime and its hirelings inside Iran have clearly had a hand in the Monday afternoon frenzy in Tehran, an Iranian legislator underlined on Wednesday. (Elder of Ziyon)

Palestinians dead in clashes with Israeli army

THREE Palestinians were shot dead in overnight clashes with the Israeli army in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said today.

UN-Believable… Obama Administration to Rebuke Israel at UN (Again)

Do you remember when Jesse Jackson said that under Obama Jews would lose all of their clout? He was right. US To Betray Israel at UN

Obama set to betray Israel at UN Security Council

By now this should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to how Barack Obama has treated Israel since he has become president. And anyone who has read The Post-American Presidency knows that Obama’s stance toward Israel as president is simply a continuation of his associations with antisemites and haters of Israel throughout his political career.

“In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council,” by Colum Lynch atForeign Policy, February 16 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

In September the Obama Administration even joined in the UN’s apartheid-style ban on Israel. (GWP)

US offers to push Israel under bus. PLO says it isn’t enough.

“Just a group of Zionists”


“A Jordanian attorney, a Jordanian human rights organization and a Lebanese news commentator in 2009 justifying, indeed glorifying, Ahmed Daqamseh’s fatally shooting seven 11 year-old Israeli schoolgirls girls as “heroism” born of “patriotic rage” and a basic, natural response. Note the last few minutes of the segment where murdered Israeli girls are transformed rhetorically into “a group of Zionists” representing all Israeli offenses real and imagined (including the proximate cause of Jordan’s failure to negotiate more favorable water rights) who offend Islam and a man’s personal honor, such that Israel – and these women -are the real criminals. Note how this murder is transformed into a defining moment for all Arabs and Moslems.”

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  1. Betray Israel, genius in the White House?
    I have two words that will tell the fortune of the Middle East: nuclear strike.
    While Iran is working to get the bomb, Israel does indeed have it.
    Make Israel desperate?
    Our stupidity gets denser every damn day.

  2. That muslims glorify a man for killing children in the name of islam does not surprise me at all since most religions involve the worship of blood-thirsty, jealous gods – actually, it reminds me of Jahwe sending the bears to rip up the children.
    No, what surprises me is how people are surprised by this behaviour.
    Hunger strike is good – let him starve.

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