It Spreads Like a Virus: Riots in Bahrain

Daily Mail Report via Vlad Tepes

  • Two dead as Egypt-style rebellion escalates
  • King’s rare TV address promises loosening of state controls
  • Security forces hold back but key highways are blocked

Thousands of protesters poured into a main square in Bahrain’s capital today in an Egypt-style rebellion that sharply escalated pressure on authorities as the Arab push for change gripped the Gulf for the first time.

Security forces clashed with demonstrators who have been calling for political reforms and greater freedoms over two days, leading to the deaths of two protesters and the main opposition group vowing to freeze its work in parliament in protest.

In a clear sign of concern over the widening crisis, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa made a rare national TV address, offering condolences for the deaths, pledging an investigation into the killings and promising to push ahead with reforms, which include loosening state controls on the media and internet.

‘We extend our condolences to the parents of the dear sons who died yesterday and today. We pray that they are inspired by the Almighty’s patience, solace and tranquility,’ said the king, who had previously called for an emergency Arab summit to discuss the growing unrest.Read More »


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  1. Oh, oh, if that Causeway from Saudi to Bahrain gets blocked this weekend (Thurs/Friday), the Saudis will go crazy not being able to get over to Bahrain to party, shop and drink!! lol

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