Mubarak Unleashes the Camels

Pro-Mubarak Marauders Use Horses, Camels, and ‘Chariots’ to Beat Protesters

Ammanwhore makes a getaway:

Earlier, pro-Mubarak supporters punched CNN reporter pretty boy Anderson Cooper in the face, while his colleague, Hala Gorani, (another Muslim propagandist) got stuck in the middle of the chaos and captured first-hand video of the unrest.  ABC’s Amanpour also reported that she was attacked while on the ground in Egypt and that the “angry mob surrounded us and chased us into the car shouting that they hate America. They kicked in the car doors and broke our windshield as we drove away.”

Pity. She is the one who really deserves a good thrashing……

4 thoughts on “Mubarak Unleashes the Camels”

  1. I don’t have any sympathy for these Lefty journalists, reporters who don’t serve any useful purpose with their distorted news stories. I don’t have any sympathy for the idiot Canadians who yesterday refused to take evacuation flights out of Cairo to stay and witness their “moment in history”. Can you believe it?? Hope they are now enjoying their stay in Egypt. Today, our foreign affairs Minster Cannon is pleading for the safety of Cdns. in Egypt?? Ok, maybe for ones who want to leave and can’t get to Cairo but hey, you choose to go to risky countries, you accept the responsibility for your own safety.

  2. Some people, do have family there you know. The Copts recently celebrated their Christmas. We all know what happened then. I would risk going there if I had elderely grand parents of parents – maybe seeing them for the last time.

    Everyone travelling to Egypt is not on holiday, nor are they all terrorists. I dont think anyone saw this coming. I have not heard about it in the weeks leading up to it. Many people have been taken by surprise. None moreso than the Journalists.

    When we have a world where we are afraid to do anything, go anywhere or say anything, its time ship out.

    Simiarity: hosne muBARAK BARAK obama.

    this is a real cat and mouse game.

  3. Just be thankful for basketball in our country.Without that,we would have thousands of worthless and workless “Beings,”who are too retarded to hold a real job, rioting here every day.
    Oh yes,be grateful!!!

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