Musliculti is dead. Except for Australian "genius" minister Chris Bowen


Gillard brings back the multiculturalism she hid at the election (Andrew Bolt)

“We’ve gone too far in soft-spoken tolerance of multicultural dogmas”

eye on the world

The controversial debate over multiculturalism in Europe has now taken a new twist. As more migrants flee their troubled countries in search of stability and security, Europe is giving them the cold shoulder. More than five thousand arrived in Italy in this past week and its Interior Minister warns they could jeopardize the institutional and social structures of the continent. It comes on the back of harsh criticism of multiculturalism by some Western European leaders.

It’s too early to say whether Europe is waking up to smell the coffee Islam – they are still thinking about debating the issue.

But Australia’s Socialists are determined to destroy the fabric of Australian society forever:

Minister Chris Bowen Introduced New Multiculturalism Policy

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announces Australian Multicultural Council

Herald Sun (thanks to Mullah)

THE Gillard Government will beef up a campaign supporting multiculturalism in the face of what is seen as growing resistance to new arrivals.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tonight revealed the campaign would salute what he called “the genius of Australian multiculturalism”.

I call it ‘stuck on stoopid’.

The Government will create a new independent organisation, the Australian Multicultural Council, and ACT senator Kate Lundy will be made parliamentary secretary in charge of managing multicultural programs.

From Wiki: Lundy is a member of the Socialist Left faction of the ALP. She has been highly active on the issue of internet regulation.

Amazing how it all fits together, doesn’t it?

More bureaucracy and pencil pushers will not appease Mohammedanisnm.

The fresh emphasis on the policy comes amid growing public hostility towards asylum seekers, and against significant population growth through immigration.

There also is apprehension that the increasing number of Muslim migrants will produce big cultural changes, and even the introduction of Islamic-based legal codes.

“Australian governments do not defend cultural practices and ideas that are inconsistent with our values and ideals of democracy, justice, equality and tolerance. Nor should we be expected to,” Mr Bowen told the Sydney Institute tonight.

Little does he know….

“For those fleeing persecution, terror and hatred, they come to Australia in search of peace, justice and harmony.

Not. Muslims who arrive on our shores are bringing us persecution, terror and hatred, Mr Bowen. They don’t bring harmony but hatred for the non Muslim, and  for them ‘justice’ means sharia.

“For many others, they come in the hope of creating, in this new land, a new life for themselves and their loved  ones for prosperity and in the knowledge that, in Australia, their children will not be discriminated against for their colour or creed.

They will call Australian children ‘kafir, harbi and mushrikeen’… but I guess that’s alright with this minister….

“For these men and women, the last thing they want is Australia to change, to become less free, to become less democratic, to become less equal.”

That’s exactly what they want. More Mohammedanism means less freedom for us.

Mr Bowen said multiculturalism was under attack in France, Germany and Britain, but that Australia had a different and successful system.

Any idea what’s different here?

“But it is a unique, Australian multiculturalism, built differently to other models around the world,” he said.

He said Australia had social unity, and a requirement that people become citizens to enjoy the full benefits of living here.

“In my view, this is the most beautiful citizenship pledge in the world,” said Mr Bowen.

He said: “English is the national language here, its use in our public and private institutions is to be respected, and the learning of English is to be encouraged.

“Ours is a citizenship-based multiculturalism. To enjoy the full benefits of Australian society, it is necessary to take a pledge of commitment as a citizen.”

Mr Bowen is  clueless:

“The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'”  Bukhari:V7B67N427

The minister said the new multiculturalism council would “act as a champion for multiculturalism in the community, will advise the Government on multicultural affairs and will help ensure Australian Government services respond to the needs of migrant and refugee communities”.

“We will also establish a National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy to design and deliver an anti-racism strategy.”

Islam is not a race, but a destructive ideology. What this sinister minister calls “anti-racism strategy” reeks of more hate speech laws. He must be stopped!

14 thoughts on “Musliculti is dead. Except for Australian "genius" minister Chris Bowen”

  1. The “big stick” awaits opponents of “multiculturalism”…

    [Principle 4: The Australian Government
    will act to promote understanding and
    acceptance while responding to expressions
    of intolerance and discrimination with
    strength, and where necessary, with the
    force of the law.
    Racism and discrimination affects people’s
    health and wellbeing and denies people fair
    access to opportunities and services. The
    Australian Government opposes all forms
    of racism, discrimination, intolerance and
    prejudice. The Government has in place
    anti-discrimination laws and is committed
    to measures which counter racism and

    * Plenty of secret herbs & spices ready to mix in, in the hope that the failures of Europe will not be reproduced here. Too little, too late.

  2. Before the election, the Gillard Government dropped the multiculturalism word:

    Bowen begins the rehabilitation of multiculturalism

    But during last year’s election, Labor had also shied away from a multiculturalism policy, sensitive to western Sydney voter perceptions of special treatment. It also dropped the term from Senator Lundy’s title under a Gillard reshuffle.

    But after the election the Gillard Government think’s it’s safe to bring multiculturalism back from hiding:

    The federal government will:

    – Appoint a 10-person Australian Multicultural Council with a wider scope than the current advisory body….

    – Reinstate the word ‘’multicultural’’ to Senator Kate Lundy’s title of parliamentary secretary for immigration

    This strikes me as not just deceitful, but foolish. Around the world political leaders have declared that this tribalist policy to fund what divides us has entrenched division when we actually need better integration.

    But this government just can’t give up that drug of funding – or should I say buyng off – ethnic groups:

    THE federal government has firmly re-embraced multiculturalism in a key speech by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tackling voter fear of Islamic extremism and outlining a new anti-racism strategy…

    He said multiculturalism had worked, and was a marker of a liberal society. Australia differed from Europe in that it wasn’t a guest worker society, and migrants were expected to become citizens. But Australia couldn’t take the benefits of a diverse population and then shun the culture of its migrants.

    That is not an honest argument. There is a world of difference between governments not paying migrants to keep their culture and “shunning” it.

  3. The “migrants” (muslims) shun our culture, if the elite hasn’t noticed. allah mandates it. Tax dollars facilitate it – “women only” swim sessions, “prayer” rooms in universities & airports & all the rest.

    Saying anything against muslims is a sackable offence:

    [Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by his immigration spokesman Scott Morrison amid calls for his sacking over his alleged proposal for the Coalition to pursue an anti-Muslim agenda.]

    * We can “debate migration”, but not go down the “grubby path” of wanting to limit certain “immigrants”?

    “Fresh thinking” at its finest!

  4. Appeasement & bridge-building didn’t work in the UK, (but HMG still persists with it) …

    Britain Inadvertently Encouraging Home-Grown Radical Islam

    [A cable titled “Tensions Rise between Muslims and HMG” (dated August 14, 2006 and classified as “Confidential”) says that Britain’s program to counter Islamic extremism has failed to stop home-grown terrorists. The counter-terrorism strategy (known as CONTEST) was developed by the British government in 2003 and is aimed at reducing the terrorist threat in Britain by seeking to bring extremists into the mainstream.]

    * “West” has negative connotations, so use “mainstream” instead:

    [The cables suggest that Britain’s failure can be partly attributed to its decision to appease, rather than undermine, Muslim groups guilty of anti-Western agitation. For example, a cable titled “Senior Advisor Pandith and S/P Advisor Cohen’s Visit to the UK” (dated October 25, 2007 and classified as “Confidential”) relates Britain’s efforts to combat extremism in the British Muslim community. The cable discusses a project to prepare a paper on “what language works best in public outreach … for example, the advantage of using the word ‘mainstream’ to define common values, as opposed to ‘the West,’ which can have negative connotations.”]

    * A turd rolled in glitter is still a turd.

  5. Muslims can never integrate with our western culture. We are two different civilizations. The government should realize that if ONE boat person is allowed into the country, they should scrap the entire immigration system completely as this defeats the purpose of careful scrutiny. The muslim form of dressing is totally anti-Australian and must not be encouraged or countenanced. They either conform or hit the road.

  6. Thanks DD – I was just posting on that too 🙂

    Go Julia! (and take anyone of any party with you who may be inclined to play the harlot with allah and islam, and beyond).

  7. By “go Julia!”, I meant go away – take a hike – unless you decide that there is something in this nation worth defending against allah and its multitudes.

  8. Of course, when islam is pushing its global domination agenda, Iran’s fingerprints aren’t too far away …

    Senior Shia cleric: Iran-Australia muslims to bolster ties

    [(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – “I hope that people in Iran and Australia have good relations with each other,” said Head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought .

    “I hope that people in Iran and Australia have good relations with each other,” said Head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri. ]

    [Ayatollah Taskhiri pointed to the minorities that are so active in Australia and underlined, “our Lebanese brothers are big minorities in Australia.”

    “Iranian, Afghan and other brothers also live in Australia and are so active in the realm of unity,” the Grand Ayatollah underlined.

    Ayatollah Taskhiri underlined,” we hope that to increase our cooperation with Astrlian Muslims.” ]

    [In the meeting the prominent figure of Melborn Islamic center (Imam Ali Center), Sheikh Ali Didani paid tribute to Ayatollah Taskhiri and wished more cooperation between the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought and Islamic Center in Australia.]

  9. Fawning dhimmitude in Auburn…

    World’s Largest Islamic Charity Launches in Australia

    [(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), the world’s largest Islamic charity, held a dinner in Sydney last night to celebrate the launch of it’s operations in Australia.

    At the event attended by special guests including government ministers, prominent public and voluntary sector figures, and Islamic community leaders; Islamic Relief Australia was officially launched by Victor Dominello, the NSW Minister for Citizenship and Community Affairs.

    Earlier in the day the Chief Executive of Islamic Relief Worldwide, Saleh Saeed, opened the office in Auburn. ]

    * Go away, Julia, and take Victor Dominello with you!

  10. “Islamic Relief ” is nothing but jihad finance, plotting and demanding special rights for muslims, in tandem with the obligation to overthrow our liberal democracy.

    All these people and their intentions are beyond evil. Their quest for sharia is a clear and present danger to all fair minded Australians.

  11. Dhimmis celebrate the birth of the false prophet (19 Feb 2011)

    Sydney Muslims respond to the Honorable event the Birth of Prophet Muhammad

    [The list of honoraries present included The Hon. Linda Burney Minister for the State Plan, and Minister for Community Services; The Hon.Paul Lynch MP Minister for Industrial Relations Minister for Commerce Minister for Energy Minister for Public Sector ReformMinister for Aboriginal Affairs; The Hon. Barbara Perry MP Minister for Local GovernmentMinister for Juvenile Justice Minister Assisting the Minister for PlanningMinister Assisting the Minister for Health (Mental Health); The Hon.David BorgerMember for Granville Minister for Roads, and Minister for Western Sydney , Opposition leader Mr. Barry O’Farrel represented by Mr. John Ajaka , The Hon.Ms Julie Owens MPFederal Member for Parramatta, Member for the Legislative Council, Hon. Mr. Shaoquett Moselmane; Mr.Ray Williams MP Member for Hawkesbury , Mr Victor Dominello Member for Ryde, Mr. Tony Issa Mayor and Liberal candidate for Parramatta, Ms. Dai Le Liberal Candidate for Cabramatta, Mr. Andrew Ferguson liberal Candidate for NSW Legislative Council, Mr. Michael Hawatt Liberal Candidate for Lakemba , Mr. Bill Chahine Liberal Candidate for Bankstown, labor Candidate for Parramatta]

  12. As muslims push for sharia in Oz, under the umbrella of “multiculturalism”, no less an authority than the LA Times reassures Americans that fear of sharia working its way into the courts is ‘delusional’. There is a lot of delusion about – much of it behind an editor’s desk.,0,2531872.story

    The latest case of U.S. paranoia
    Americans’ fear that Sharia, or Islamic law, will work its way into U.S. courts is delusional.

    [Like the belief that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, the fear that Islamic law will become a touchstone of American justice is delusional. What is depressing is how widespread it is.]

    * Dhimmis never cease to amaze.

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