Nearly half of Australians are anti-Muslim: study

“You will be stuffed, into the mold, until the rights to you are sold…”

Zappa Frank – I’M THE SLIME lyrics

A decade-long national study has found that nearly 50 per cent of Australians identify themselves as having anti-Muslim attitudes.

(ABC of course)

Researchers from universities across the country polled thousands of people about their attitudes to different cultures and whether they had experienced racism.

Islam is not a race.  And I was never asked.  Isn’t it sickening how we are being deceived  and misled into a false and despicable mulsiculturalism just to keep Labor in power?

The research found around one in 10 Australians identified themselves as prejudiced against other cultures.

About one-quarter of those surveyed said they had anti-Semitic or anti-Asian attitudes, while a slightly larger number were prejudiced against Aborigines.

Anti-Muslim sentiment was even higher, at 48.6 per cent.

Lead researcher Professor Kevin Dunn from the University of Western Sydney says recent political rhetoric has not helped.

“If you continue to speak about a group as a problem, whether that be asylum seekers or Muslims, that will [be] cast within the public mind,” he said.

New South Wales was the state most intolerant of Muslims, with just over 54 per cent of people expressing prejudice.

The president of the Council of International Students, Robert Atcheson, says the survey is another blow to Australia’s already-damaged reputation.

“If you’re an international student that’s looking at coming to Australia, or Canada or UK or the US, that could definitely sway their decision to go somewhere else,” he said.

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  1. “The president of the Council of International Students, Robert Atcheson, says the survey is another blow to Australia’s already-damaged reputation.”

    Actually, it damages this twit’s reputation – and elevates my esteem for the Australians.

  2. “If you’re an international student that’s looking at coming to Australia, or Canada or UK or the US, that could definitely sway their decision to go somewhere else,” he said.
    What a wonderful incentive!
    Of course it MUST be prejudice.

    What’s that? You disapprove of an ideology that claims your 23rd. cromosome pair being XX means you are ‘of less value’, ‘deficient in intelligence’, ‘on a level with camels’? You some kind of bigot?

  3. Atcheson is an open doors-free-for-all kind of kook who believes that Australia has an obligation to take everyone in, including those who came to study at fraudulent or non-existent colleges. He should be investigated:

    “They have come here under a legislative expectation that if they complete their studies they would be eligible to apply for permanent residency, and they are already here and have already paid their fees,” Mr Atcheson told The Australian.”

    From the Australian

    Strange. I always thought foreign students came here to study and to return home afterwards. It appears that Mr Atchesons student association has a completely different agenda.

    Just imagine this:

    The government has narrowed the number of occupations eligible for permanent residency, putting more emphasis on employer sponsorship. The changes are partly aimed at stamping out the practice, facilitated by unscrupulous colleges, of students studying vocational courses like hairdressing and cookery simply to secure residency with no intention of working in the course area.

    The government is offering graduates hit by the changes an 18-month visa in which to try to secure work experience and sponsorship.

    But the international education sector fears that a backlash from frustrated students caught out by the changes could damage Australia’s reputation overseas.

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  5. Australia, like all the “western” countries has had multiculturism forced onto it without a mandate from the people. Multiculturalism is a mono-cultural phenomenon. One may ask, “how is multiculturalism getting along in China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, et al ?.
    Apart from the “west” the majority of countries have stringent immigration and/or visitor laws, guard their sovereignty/culture with fervour and penalise any visa abuse harshly. As a “foreigner”, even if you can gain access, you will have few if any rights. There is no reciprocity, it is all one way. “Ah!, we are better than that and are more enlightened” the politicians will say and take the moral high ground. In the real world, the majority of the nations are not so naive and it is in the interest of these countries to let the “west” entangle itself in self inflicted moral delusions. The end-game is all important, just ask the Chinese and the Indians, both closed to the immigration they arrogantly foist on the “west”.
    Controlled immigration, by and large is required and has a positive effect on the recipient country but “open-door” immigration, especially from cutures diametrically opposed to “western style” democracy is self-inflicted cultural suicide.
    Multiculturalism is the biggest scam being played on the “west” where surplus populations can be exported and if the “west” resists, the rest of the world shouts “racism”
    This scam is being aided and abetted by politicians and leftist/liberals within each and every “western” country. These enablers are nothing more than traitors and should be brought to trial for crimes against the people.
    The culture and freedoms developed over centuries of blood, sweat and tears, is not the property and cannot be given away by any incumbent, here today gone tomorrow, politician or elite. The prime requirement and duty of any goverment whilst “on-watch” is to protect it”s people and cuture.

  6. “It is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invader’s hearth.”

    (Winston Churchill)

  7. Do international students really suffer racism, or just frustration of teachers trying to communicate with people who don’t do such a good job of speaking, reading and writing the teaching medium?

  8. Hardly.

    But why should we be forced to agree to “a legislative expectation that if they complete their studies they would be eligible to apply for permanent residency?”

    Since when do foreign students come with permanent residency entitlements?

  9. I would not pay much attention to a “study ” with respect to Australian perceptions on islam based over a 10 year period”, Pfftt. 70% of the data is out of date! A lot of water under the bridge in ten years. Why even report such crap.

    A lot has changed in perceptions in the last 10 years, There are many who probably, because they have got off their butts and studied up a bit, virulently loathe the import of Islam and hate sight of it in public, but may still have no axe to grind with a moslim immigrant by default who can be seen as non practicing one.
    Dangerous I know!

    But on the same hand, they feel if that same non practicing moslim wants to have islamic ideology introduced, respected and accepted in the Australian environment he should be repatriated, complete with descendants, irrespective, post haste, and without exception.

    Ten years ago these same people would have considered islam as a harmless benevolent religion like Buddhism and definitely not a disgusting and violent ideology purported by a bunch of racist, bigoted, self serving pigs as they do today .

    Better get out in the street and survey in 2011 and see what people think about it today Professor Dipshit, cause a lot more than 49% of the Aussies I know would be offended to not be called anti islamic, And they seem to now know islam is NOT a race. Seems the average Aussie is not a complete idiot after all!

    Call them a racist and expect your lights to be knocked out!

    I suspect the warning is most Aussies are silent on Islam, and those who are most vocal in purporting it are a loud but very much fast becoming minority group.

    Politicians and MSN take note!

  10. It seems we are not alone.

    The president of the Austrian parliament gave them quite a serve yesterday. He gave them a thrashing. He said nothing but the truth. It was about the Turks. Yes, our friends the Turks the genocidal maniacs. About the Bishop who was stabbed multiple times in his garden and then beheaded. He was truthful in what he said that if one of us did this to an oman, there would be hell to pay, but not Turkey as usual has done nothing about it. Showing their true colours.

    I sent a copy of it to Tony Abbott and Serator Bernardi. Dont know if they have lifted it out of Youtube.

  11. I can tell you all about Japan and multiculturism and ………………………………………………………………

    Nothing, zilch, zero !!!!!!!!!!!!! It is non-existent.

    My son lived there for 5 years and the stories he tells about blatant & very open racism, is not funny.

    Job ads are openly listed as “no foreigners” as are ads for rental accommodation.

    He and a friend where thrown out a few times form shops, for being “foreigners”

    A person can live there their entire life and are not able to take citizenship, own property or work in a government job

    A child of bi-racial parents, is registered as a Japanese national, in the name of the Japanese citizen, the other parents counts as nothing.

    That child is only able to hold dual-citizenship until the age of 22 and then has to decide which nationality he/she wants to be. No dual-citizenship permitted

    1. Exactly.

      I lived in Japan nearly 7 years. I can confirm all of this. But wait a minute: a handful (not more) of foreign nationals have acquired citizenship, after living and working in Japan for 20 years, making themselves proficient in language, both speaking and writing, never getting in trouble with the law, and becoming more Japanese than Japanese.

      I happen to know 2 of them, rather weird.

      Sumo wrestlers from Hawaii are usually fast tracked because they can’t participate if they’re not Japanese, but that’s about it.

      Interesting, isn’t it?

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