Opposition to Islam Verboten

News from PI: (mostly in German)

Munich Forbids Meeting of Islam Critics

The “Battle against the Right” is relentless….. [more]

An eight year old girl was buried alive by a 17-year old Turk in the North-East of Turkey [more in German]

German Church president Volker Jung calls for a “welcoming culture” for thousands of invading Tunisians and Egyptians and blames Germans for the criminal soldiers of Allah who refuse to integrate (Cultural Enrichment: Muslims enrich us)

Erdogan to visit Düsseldorf:

1500 Islamo-Nazis expected.

“Assimilation is a crime against humanity”…. Pro NRW plans ”warm welcome” for Erdogan

Meanwhile, back in Turkey:  Muslims attack the church in Trabzon, where other good Muslims murdered the priest 5 years ago Attack on Catholic Church in Trabzon

Swiss Prisons should become more Islam friendly...[more]

“A new religious ethnic pluralism is needed…”

“Islam not part of Germany” sez Law Professor

“Just because many Muslims live in Germany doesn’t mean their religion is part of Germany, especially not if this religion is totally opposed to our constitution”-[more]

3 thoughts on “Opposition to Islam Verboten”

  1. Jung is completely non-representative of Germans. islam has no place in civilised natios at present.

  2. Here’s a tip: Copy the German over to Babel Fish and translate to English. It’s not perfect, but one can get the general “flavor” of what’s being said. I had three years of German in High School, but it’s very, very rusty :-/

    Anyone know of an Arabic language translator? I have yet to find one, but it would be really handy…

  3. Criticizing Islam is not the sole province of the right.
    Eventually, people in the center and even on the left will see the common sense of counter-jihad and take up its mantle.
    The ones who know their debt to Western civilization will take it up immediately.

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