Sarkozy latest to declare multiculturalism a failure

Right.  So what’s he gonna do about it? Its a bit late in the day and anyhow; doesn’t he want to be reelected?

“We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him.”

With that, Sarkozy joins Britain’s David Cameron and Germany’s Angela Merkel, among others, in recognizing that multiculturalism has failed to deliver on its utopian promises. “Sarkozy declares multiculturalism ‘a failure’,” from Agence France-Presse, February 11 (thanks to JW):

AFP – French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.
Les Muselmanes Occupation of the Streets of Nice

“We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him,” he said in a television interview in which he declared the concept a “failure.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron last month pronounced his country’s long-standing policy of multiculturalism a failure, calling for better integration of young Muslims to combat home-grown extremism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia’s former prime minister John Howard and former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar have also in recent months said multicultural policies have not successfully integrated immigrants.

7 thoughts on “Sarkozy latest to declare multiculturalism a failure”

  1. He is just trying to spike the guns of Marine Le Pen. Sarkozy changes like the wind changes direction.

  2. What’s he gonna do about it? Zilch. Zero. Sweet FA.

    Talk is cheap. The three of them, Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy, are terrified of losing votes to the so-called far right parties. They can see the winds of change coming. People are getting sick of their governments, judiciary, bureaucrats, local councils etc, pandering to every Moslem whim. None of the 3 stooges have the strength of character, the guts, to take the tough action required to save their countries from becoming completely Islamized. They are full of hot air. Tough talk, no action.

  3. So three of Europe’s leaders have said “Multiculturalism is a failure”.
    The truth is that the entire ideology of multiculturalism, along with cultural relativism and cultural Marxism have all lost their authority.
    They are not seen as being truthful to the human condition or improving it.
    Intelligent people will abandon them, refuse to believe in them. These ideas are stale.

  4. Its Political Correctness and ‘Yuman Rites” that will be the death of Western Democracy without them Multi Culti stupidity does not have a chance.

  5. Yes! Winds of change are definitely coming and it isn’t going to be nice.
    Remember, regardless where you are and the utopian atmosphere you seek, Islam is training some body to kill you. The so called radical Muslim does not have to be the majority of the Muslim population, or the general population of any one country in order to cause a change and soon to be battle ground. If the Western world does not change its course on the multicultural imaginary mind, it will be lost and what you think is freedom now, will be nothing but internal warfare and mayhem for years to come.

  6. Le Pen finally gone, Sarkozy seems to be leaning more and more toward radical ideas. But it is only natural that he will do everything to exploit the theme of multiculturalism in order to gain more support in the next presidential elections.

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