Spencer gets a few seconds on Fox

Spencer discusses Muslim Brotherhood on Fox News

Catherine Herridge, the broad that quacks about “two factions of the Muslim Brotherhood, the doves and the hawks” is ridiculous.

“Doves & Hawks” in the MB- really? Does Catherine buy her information in a Kebab shop?

That’s just as absurd as the invention of the ‘moderate’ Muslim.

What’s next? Vegetarian cannibals? Sensitive rapists? Merciful halal butchers? Humanitarian Nazis?

What does it take for the likes of Catherine to parrot the tale of the elevated status of a dhimmi, or the elevated status of women in Islam?

With Mubarak stepping down, it is imperative that Americans be informed about the nature and goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is likely to be the key player in Egypt’s next government. Here is a Fox News backgrounder on the Brotherhood, featuring a brief appearance by Robert Spencer:

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  1. they are not going to try to explain it; they will pack their bags and hightail it out of the country.those who remain will join islam and participate in destroying usa from within.

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