The Islamo-Marxist Convergence

Beck’s Matthews-Mocked Conspiracy Confirmed: Video of US Communists, Socialists & Labor Unions Working With Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Groups

Glenn always tells his audience to do their own research.I urge you to do the same. I’ve never heard Matthews say that to his audience.

Useful idiots like Tingles, (a Marxist and a homosexual) would be the first to be eliminated,  should the soldiers of Allah ever achieve their goals. It is mind boggling that the biggest supporters of the Islamic scourge ignore the fact that the Mullah’s have no place for them in the Islamic state…..

2 thoughts on “The Islamo-Marxist Convergence”

  1. The Left and working-class-warriors must be very desperate to ally themselves with the most retrograde force in the history of the world.
    If they think they’re defending labor rights by adopting and submitting to Islam, they’d better damn well think again.
    I don’t feel particularly threatened by this.
    No apocalypse here.
    All I feel is contempt. Deep contempt.

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