Too Toxic for Sowdi Barbaria

Saudis withdraw Muslim Brotherhood books from public school libraries

While the talking heads and learned analysts in the mainstream media in the U.S. assure the gullible and/or indifferent public that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is benign, pro-democratic and harmless, the Saudis know better — although the perfume is already out of the bottle there. “Extremist books withdrawn from Saudi schools,” from Al Arabiya, February 16 (thanks to JW):

The Saudi Ministry of Education issued a resolution to withdraw from the libraries of public schools several books seen as inciting violence and prohibited book donations without prior approval.Books accused of having a negative impact on school students like the writings of leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood like Sheikh Hassan al-Banna, the group’s founder, and Sayyed Qotb, one of the group’s most leading thinkers, the London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported Tuesday.

The ministry announced its plan to conduct regular visits to school libraries to ensure that those and similar books are no longer available for students.

Dr. Mohammed al-Zulafi, former member of the Shura Council, said this step came too late.

“School libraries have always contained books that promote violence and extremism,” he told Al Arabiya. “The writings of Muslim Brotherhood leaders have had a strong influence on education in Saudi Arabia for the past three decades.”

Zulafi expressed his skepticism about the implementation of the ministry’s decision since a large portion of librarians in those schools adopt the very views in the banned books.

“I call upon citizens to take part in implementing this decision. They have to know what happens inside those schools.”

Zulafi added that for a long time, extremist books have been flooding school libraries while there were restrictions on art books that talk about arts or the values of tolerance and moderation.

“There are people who support the circulation of those books. Some even print them and distribute them for free without taking into consideration the grave consequences on the students.”

Zulafi warned that those books are not only in schools, but also in several other places like doctors’ clinics. That is why, he said, there has to be a plan to withdraw them from all over the kingdom.

“If those books are not withdrawn, our youths will end up in Somalia or Tora Bora in Afghanistan because of the extremist ideas they read,” he concluded.

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  1. Saudi Arabia is kacking its pants because the Muslim brotherhood have the Royal Sauds in its sights, as next on the overthrow agenda… and they know full well that Obama, the US, will do nothing…but this is Obamas agenda too, he’s thick as thieves with the Muslim brotherhood , case proven when he invited them to attend his speech in Cairo against the wishes of Mubarack

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