U.S. State Department Requests $3.1 Billion in 2012 Aid for Pakistan

Amid Dispute Over Arrested American, State Department Requests $3.1 Billion in 2012 Aid for Pakistan

They really like US in Pakistan. I can’t think of anyone more deserving….

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration is asking Congress to approve $1.9 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan in fiscal year 2012 and an additional $1.2 billion to boost its counterinsurgency capabilities along the border with Afghanistan.

The $1.9 billion is included in the State Department’s core budget request released Monday, while the latter figure comes from a separate “Overseas Contingency Operations” (OCO) category – the Obama administration’s preferred term for what its predecessor called the war on terrorism.

The 2012 OCO request seeks a total $8.7 billion to cover “extraordinary and temporary” costs of operations in the “frontline states” – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. (Source thanks to ZIP)

Its only money. We can always print more:

UN wants to bury another lousy 7.4 billion in the black holes of  its  own choosing

Geneva (AP) – The U.N. chief is asking nations to be as generous as possible to deliver $7.4 billion in emergency aid this year to 50 million people grappling with conflict and disaster in 28 nations.

(WaTi) The new Republican majority in the House is poised to revive some old battles over the U.S. government’s financial contribution to the United Nations, vowing once again to use the power of America’s purse to force what it calls needed reforms at the world body.  (H/T eye on the world)

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  1. The demand should be turned down flatly by way of a vote.
    No more tribute.
    No more jizyah.
    Demand the return of our diplomat who is being unjustly held hostage.

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