Anjem Chaudary vs Frank Gaffney on Hannity

Vlad Tepes presents:

Andy (he hates being called ‘Andy’) Chowchow is surprisingly honest for a Muslim. Note that he is using the exposure on Hannity to do da’awa, to push the Islamic cause, to the max.  Andy Chowchow  represents the pure Islam and  speaks for the main stream, no matter how much his coreligionists  lie to us.

I’m puzzled about Frank Gaffney, who praises Zuhdi Jasser, a darling ‘moderate’ who is neither here nor there. He might have just as well mentioned the lesbionic Irshad Manji, who is “firmly rooted in her religion” (her own words) but also speaks for no one but herself.

There is still a deep seated delusion,  even amongst those who should know by now, that there is some kind of ‘radical’ Islam and another one, one that we can live with.

There isn’t.

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  1. Chow Chow is the best antidote to Islam you could ever wish for …listening to him will educate all the ignorant and slumbering westerners who have no idea of the reality of islam or about their agenda.. maybe the left wing media should invite Cow chow to speak on their shows, as they have been complicit in hiding the facts..

  2. the left wing media has their heads so far up their buttholes that they have to open their mouths to see. (don’t think about that too much – it will make your brain sizzle like a moslem on islam!)

    Anyway, I have been having a big problem with Zuhdi Jasser. On one hand I realize that we need moslem allies but on the other I realize that most of them stink and the ones like Jasser are powerless and considered apostates. He did make a good video called the Third Jihad though. Now here is more of my dilema with moslems like Jasser – there is absolutely NO guarantee that their children will be more like him than not since Jasser is NOT about rewriting Sharia. He is only about not wanting to follow it. Which makes him a hypocrite in islam.

    And MANY, if not ALL, of the sects of islam that claim they are peaceful still wage jihad – just not violently AND they do NOTHING to stop the violence or change what is causing the violence. And then we got such ilk as the Sufi who claim to be peaceful but are giving us taqiyya dribbling B.S. about it because Sufi are ‘mystical’ NOT peaceful and are usually the faces of the Muslim Brotherhood that we see in some of our interfaith dialogs that moslems started to push their da’wa and taqiyya dribble onto us.

    No matter how a moslem wages jihad the end is still the same for us – death or subjugation. Because the ‘peaceful’ moslems just sit back and hope they are not the targets and hope they are on the winning side. Whether the non-moslems win or not – they usually come out ok since the non-moslems don’t aim for their women and children NOR do they target unarmed civilians.

    Do you see my dilemma with moslems? So, I am real close to saying that we should not be responsible for determining who is lying and who is not, who is peaceful and who is not – let them do it and we take steps to declassify islam as a religion and classify it as a political ideology that wraps the aura of holiness around it and a front for their imperialistic political agenda of enforcing sharia onto us AND stop making moslems some sort of a special class. Stop the segregation of anyone due to their demands based on a false excuse of modesty, etc. I am sure we have all read things like this on what we need to do.

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