Aussie Report. Friday, 04 March 2011

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Joooliar is turning Islam into a race (Islam Monitor)

And what race would that  be Jooliar?

Because it worked so well in the UK:

Our Prime Minister, who can lie with straight face at any given time and doesn’t even get embarrassed when caught doing so, now is trying to redefine the  meaning of  “racism”.

A FIRED-UP Julia Gillard has levelled “race-baiting” accusations against the Coalition in a torrid escalation of Parliament’s immigration tensions.

A livid Mr Abbott said the charge was “low and contemptible” and demanded it be withdrawn.
Ms Gillard did so but intensified her attack by calling on Coalition members to “reject the political tactics of Cory Bernardi”.

The South Australian senator was widely criticised last month when he denounced Islam as a “totalitarian, political and religious ideology” on radio. (source)

How much longer do we have to put up with this talentless Marxist import?

Cori Bernardi widely critised?

By whom? Certainly not the electorate.

Not in my neighborhood: “Most support Muslim immigration”

The AGE reports:

Fifty-five per cent of those polled said they would disagree with excluding Muslims from Australia’s immigration intake. Twenty-five per cent said they wanted Muslims excluded

Multicultural Enrichment: Stabbing at Fairfield high school

A student in Sydney’s west has been stabbed in the neck inside the school grounds this afternoon.

Police are yet to catch the offender.  Investigations are continuing inside the school grounds. The incident comes just weeks after a stabbing at Granville Boys High School.

Foot Alert – Islamic Prayer Centres

Footrot, Fungus & Jihad. But why in ST Kilda?

Compo Jihad

Hicks smells money – “Me too…!”

Taliban Davo, otherwise known as David Hicks or Muhammed Dawood (to his closest mates) , is warning up to the idea of getting something material out of his terrorist career.

Confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks and his wife, Aloysia, have circulated a letter to several legal identities seeking recognition for the torture he suffered while in a US military prison in Cuba.

Hicks never paid for the halal burgers and the ice cream in Gitmo. But since  we live in a society that rewards treason, why shouldn’t he be rewarded for joining our enemies…?

“If he was seeking legal recognition of allegations that he was tortured at the hands of the US government, then that may form the foundation of a claim for compensation,” Mr McLeod said. (source)

Did we hear the magic word “compensation”?

And why not? Habib got it and so should poor Muhammed Dawood.  (Islam Monitor)

10 thoughts on “Aussie Report. Friday, 04 March 2011”

  1. I emailed Corey to thank him as well as pass along words of support. We need to support people like Corey Bernardi he is a true ‘patriot’.

    Hicks should get a compo payout all 5.56mm of it. The last thing that dirtbag should see is Australian soldiers about to drill him.

  2. Stabbed in the neck eh?

    So the tactic of targeting necks for stabbing, has become part of Australian culture.

  3. * Stabbed in the neck eh?

    The rest of us have been stabbed in the back by our enabling politicians.
    Et tu, Julia?

  4. Mullah Lodabullah March 4, 2011 at 12:53 pm: The rest of us have been stabbed in the back by our enabling politicians.

    Stabbed in the back and screwed.

    But if these politicians believe that they will be safe when the SHF, they are so wrong.

  5. Stupid is closer to the mark. But then, what does this make us? We were forced to vote for the pricks, lied to, and come to think of it, no one voted for the Greens to take over. Labor is making a bad enough job of it. We need to re think our political system, but like everything else in our nation, it would be thrown into the “Too Hard” basket, like the Muslim problem. You cant tell me any politician loves a Muslim. None of them seem to have any of them as neighbours. Whereas we must. Dont have a choice.

  6. David Hicks should be sent to Afghanistan to fight for his country. He should be tied to the front of a tank, If and when he gets back – then and only then should he get his own blood money.

  7. Dont show the top photo of Julia in the Aussie soldier helmet. This is another travesty. Her nose will definately not fit under a helmet and would be a danger in combat – or an assett – perhaps the other side would die laughing. This would save our boy’s bullets for better use. Better still – tie her to a tank with the other traitor Hicks.

  8. Hicks joined an Islamic terrorist group with one purpose – to bloody kill us and our kids. We pay him 5.5 million? We are a bloody sick society.

  9. Hicks should never have been allowed back into the country. The man is a traitor and should have been shot, DEAD. Julia Gillard must be told that Cory Bernadi is more popular than she is.
    I reckon the time is ripe for every Aussie to be armed with a new slogan in place. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, kill, kill, kill, every single mossie. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, shoot every single mossie. I reckon a bounty should be put on every muslim bastards head that is brought in as they did in the old days in America and Russia. (How many $ and how many Roubles?)

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