Australia: lets make our illegal arrivals comfy so they are nice to us when they take over….


Gillard now needs a bigger “white elephant” than Christmas Island

DARWIN is set to replace Christmas Island as Australia’s central place for housing asylum seekers Mohammedan invaders.

Plans have been announced to add 1,900 new beds to the Northern Territory capital

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said new beds would be made available on the Australian mainland in a bid to relieve pressure on Christmas Island.

Not that it buys us any favors:

Touch one, touch all

Green Valley police file a report after their station was overrun by a violent crowd of Lebanese Australians angry at alleged bullying at school of the child of one.

Anjem Choudary explains:

“As a Muslim you must have allegiance where the Sharia says that you have allegiance. You must hate and love for the sake of Allah. You must praise and dispraise  for what the Sharia says you praise and dispraise. So as a Muslim I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters, wherever they are in the world. I must have allegiance with them. I must co-operate with them. I must love them. And similarly on the other hand I must have hatred towards everything which is non-Islam …”

Assimilation isn’t working too well, is it?  Not  with people who believe its “a crime against humanity”, and arrive with a perfect replacement ideology to do away with all non Muslims.

Multicultural Sydney

Update from this: Multiculti Fail DownUnder: What’s “Race” Got to Do With it?

Brawl outside school sparks mob protest

Aussie has video, here

Daily Telegraph

Official Police Report of Muslim Riot and aftermath Video Mohammed Masri Threatens arresting Officer ……the usual suspects “School Jihad” erupts in Sydney’s occupied Territories:

3 3 2011 Hoxton Park High School Riot 649258-police-report

Latest Update:

“Feelings, nothing but feelings…”

Emotions run high as playground fight leads to parents brawl and invasion of police station

Official Police Report of Hoxton Park High School Muslim Riot and aftermath: SMH

This will take Darwin’s immigration detention capacity to 2,900, eclipsing Christmas Island’s ability to hold 2,600.

You can help to stop the Islamisation of Australia

Dan Zaremba (Islam Monitor)

You can help to stop the Islamisation of Australia. To counter Islam it is necessary to understand the scope of this ‘total’ way of life which controls both public and private life.

Islam is probably the most deadly type of totalitarian ideology ever invented by human kind.


Darwin’s  Bishop Hurley’s Bleeding Heart is Part of the Problem:

“we are part of a global family and we have to understand…”

THE Federal Government will build a 1500-bed immigration detention centre in Darwin to ease the pressure on the overcrowded system. (NT News thanks to Rossco)

The centre is being constructed on Wickham Point by John “Foxy” Robinson, who intends it to eventually house workers for the $23 billion Inpex gas project.

But Inpex yesterday denied it was in any formal discussions with Mr Robinson.
The facility will be built 35 km south east of Darwin, while capacity at Darwin Airport Lodge will also be expanded to house another 400 asylum seekers by taking over an adjacent building. Plans have been announced to add 1900 new beds to the Northern Territory capital.

This will take Darwin’s immigration detention capacity to 2900, eclipsing Christmas Island’s ability to hold 2600. It will also be the biggest detention centre on the Australian mainland.

Federal Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the new centre will be used for single adult men, cost $9.2 million, have 500 men housed by June and be completed in December.

Mr Bowen said this centre replaced the planned $185m centre at the 11-Mile Antenna Farm outside Darwin.

The Asti Hotel in Darwin will cease to be a detention centre. Inpex’s Tim Larcombe said the company planned to offer their construction workers a purpose-built accommodation village at Howard Springs and not Wickham Point.

“We are not considering another location,” he said.

Mr Robinson said that he had offered the site to the Federal Government.
Bishop of Darwin Eugene Hurley said the majority of people who came to Australia by boat were genuine refugees and detention centres became “mental illness” factories.

“It wouldn’t matter who we were or however wonderful the facility was we were in, without our freedom and no certainty of our release,” Bishop Hurley said. “This is what drives people to self harm, depression and attempted suicide. You have got to understand we are part of a global family and we have to understand the majority of these people are fleeing situations so dire any of us would do the same.”

The centre was not expected to replace plans for an off-shore detention program in East Timor.

NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson said it was a Federal Government matter but he would “ensure there were positive outcomes for Territorians”.

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  1. Thanks for linking back to my transcript of Choudary on HardTalk. It took me HOURS. Hours of my life spent on this waste of space!

    I sent it off to the BBC. Not word. Not a thank you. Ne’er a mention on any of their multitude of web pages.

    In fact unless sites like this use it, most people will never know what Choudary says and how he hates those of us whose land he has made his own.

    I also have a report on Anjem Choudary’s on/off demo in Washington. Current main post.

  2. Once the koranimals take over Australia listen to the song below and substitute Australia for France and change the historic place names as well. Enjoy it.

  3. My fellow Australians! Dont worry! As we slept Julia has left Australia. I wish I could say for good – sadly, she is off to the United States where she can join other liars like Obama, The Clintons, and other luminaries of the United States.
    Muslims love big arses, so she will be feeling right at home with Michelle and Hillary. Good luck Julia, maybe you will get lucky.

  4. You mention the gold toothed Massri, wow check out the neck Jew -elry. Poor baby, he hasnt heard about being over dressed. And as for his dress sence, check out the Chesty Bonds with the Platignum and Gold necklace. Perhaps he will choke on it.

    When I last saw him in person he was a monobrow, lowbrow but now he has found Galliarno. NOt bad for a Muslim slum boy.

  5. Yeah, Catherine, just heard on the news that that bitch was off on holidays to the US. This was kept pretty quiet, wasn’t it?

  6. Gillard is more stupid than Hillary and Oprah combined. This stupid f***ing barren woman is more barren than the Sahara desert in more ways than one. Why can’t this stupid government be toppled and we go to a new election? This bitch needs to be taught a humiliating lesson. I wonder if she will be stabbed in the back by Combet or Shorten while she is away? One can only hope.

  7. Only problem with the Combet/Shorten scenario, is that we’ll still have a bunch of retards trying to run the country and screwing us.

    We gotta get rid of the whole bunch of them, toppling sounds good…

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