Australia on this day

Gillard does a Bono

No, says Gillard’s people. Just a case of great minds thinking alike:   But judge for yourself.

Land of Feminazis, where the lame follow the blind…..


KRudd says his government insists on a no-fly zone over Libya:

‘’He’s out of control,’’ the adviser said. ‘’He puts out one press release after another, and none of it is run through the PM’s office. A no-fly zone over Libya is not the Australian government’s position. This is Rudd acting on his own.”

Andrew Bolt asks:  Who’s in charge of out foreign policy? Rudd? Gillard? The UN?

Click here to enlarge (Shem’s done it again)

2 thoughts on “Australia on this day”

  1. Both Gizzard & KRudd go telling the world crap and say it is representative of how ALL of Australia feels and would like to be done.

    Idiots, both of them.

  2. Disgusting cartoon Sheik. Disgusting if it were any woman. It is called humilliation. Islam does this to women expertly. There is no place for this in our society.

    I am anti Julia Gillard as you know, but this is sick.

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