Boycott Israel: "Kauft nicht bei Juden…"

Here’s the link (in German)

‘Don’t buy from Jews…’ was the NAZI slogans they painted on Jewish shops in pre-war Berlin, which  led to Kristallnacht and the extermination of German Jews.

Germany’s 5 million Mohammedans (who suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk) can’t be wrong:  there is strength in numbers, which encourages  the Nazis  to come out of their holes  (Yes, the Nazis were socialist, hard left, not “far right” which is a nasty game of projection)

In Bremen, in Germany’s far north, we are now seeing  the results of the Muslim-Nazi convergence:

Today they call it “Anti-Zionism”, and if you’re hard left, or if you wear a headscarf like the twat on the right, you will have no problem standing in front of supermarkets which sell Israeli fruit. Because the existence of Jews is a big problem for Mohammedans, worldwide. In fact, their very dirty holy books call for the annihilation of all Jews, just like the Nazis.  (More in German)

Campaigners call on American shoppers to buy Israeli goods on 30 March to counter boycott movement

Pro-Israel groups in the United States are urging supporters to buy Israeli goods on 30 March in order to counter a global anti-Israel boycott called for that day. “We are telling people to go to their local stores, request the exact Israeli products being targeted, and buy them out,” Roz Rothstein, co-founder and national director of Stand With Us, which is spearheading the ‘Buy Israel Goods’ (BIG) project together with theAmerican-Israel Chamber of Commerce, told JTA. She pointed out: “Let store managers know they should keep Israeli products well stocked on the shelves.”  (More)

If you live in Sydney: Boycott Fiona Byrne!

STOP Hamas Harlot Fiona Byrne & Her Council of Fools Boycott of Israel!

Here’s Sergio Redegalli’s latest mural:

The true meaning of BDS = BAD, DUMB, STUPID.

Much more simple to remember, describes the loony 10 Councillors and the ring leader Fiona Byrnes very well.

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  1. As we all know, moslems and hitler were great buddies in the anihilation of Jews during WW2. A little Sabre hummus on the baghead and the others would be lovely. I WILL buy Israeli goods on March 30 as I always do and if I see even one of these bagheads or sympathizers, i will spit, and maybe a little hummus might drip onto their bagheads.

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