Charlie Sheen Jihad, March 10. 2010

I knew this would get your attention. Read on:

Egypt: 13 Killed, 140 Injured in Violent Christian-Muslim Clashes


Iranian minister: Islam opposes nukes

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Islam doesn’t oppose lying to the kuffar. In any case, I would like to see the relevant verses from Koran, sira & hadith that ‘Islam opposes nukes’.

“Iranian minister: Islam opposes nukes,” from Ynet News, March 4:

Toronto 18 jihad mass-murder plot ringleader plays victim card, still gets life sentence

“Convicted Toronto 18 member handed life sentence,” from CTV News

Chechen jihadist calls for jihad against Russia to “eliminate the enemies of Allah”

Nothing to do with Islam, stop stereotyping Muslims, and  your fear-mongering is counterproductive:

He also called upon his “brothers and sisters in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries” to “create a revolution, and by this I mean instating the word of Islam… the law of Allah.”

“UPDATE 1-Russian rebel calls for jihad, praises Arab unrest,” by Amie Ferris-Rotman for Reuters, March 3:

From the ROP:

5 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Jihad, March 10. 2010”

  1. Christians forced to flee violence in Ethiopia need urgent aid

    An estimated 10,000 Christians have been forced to flee their homes in western Ethiopia following a barrage of attacks by Muslim extremists, who are rampaging through the area setting churches and houses ablaze.

    Ethiopia is a Christoan country, and this is the situation there. It is getting worse by the day.

    This is our future writ large that even the the most blind should be able see.

  2. More on Egypt

    Egypt: Inter-faith relationship sparks killings and church burning ~ Christian man + Muslim woman

    Still dhimmis after all these years ~ Muslims believe Christians are unclean and so unfit to marry their daughters. But a Muslim man of course can marry a Christian ~ thereby forcibly making the children Muslim. Bragging rights!!

    In one case in Egypt 2008, two sisters, aged 30 +, married with children, it was discovered that their father had converted to Islam ~ when they were children [for a quickie divorce as the Copt church does not issue them] ~ but concealed his conversion ~ were imprisoned for 3 years each, their marriages annulled and their children and future grandchildren all declared Muslim by an Egyptian judge. No compulsion in Islam ~ only exists in the West!

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