Compassionate KRudd

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In this case, however, one must seriously doubt that the intentions were good.

ONE of the signs that you’ve become an adult—politically speaking—is that you know the difference between seeming and doing.

And that you start judging more by the latter, not the juvenile former.

Take the shambles on Christmas Island, with rioting boat people now being teargassed.

In 2008, the then Rudd government relaxed the boat people laws.

This, the media agreed, was terrific. Labor candidate Prof George Williams summed up the mood: “A clear break has been made from the Howard era . . . This . . . approach is more compassionate.”


The Christmas Island detention centre.

Here are the results so far of this more “compassionate” policy.

Boat arrivals, down to an average of just three a year for six years before this “compassion”, shot to record levels.

We now have more than 6000 people in immigration detention, another record.

We’ve also had up to 200 people since lured to their deaths at sea, some dying in front of the cameras on Christmas Island.

We have had riots in detention centres by Afghan and Pakistani men pretending to be boys, in order to qualify to bring over their families, too.

We have had new arrivals squished into tents at Christmas Island and crammed into motels on the mainland.

And now these latest disturbances, with hundreds of detainees breaking out of their Christmas Island camp, and some having to be sprayed with teargas when they menaced security staff.

Yesterday, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said he didn’t think he’d lost control of the detention centre, but he wasn’t sure he hadn’t, either.

Another 57 police have had to be sent to the island to show more of the Government’s “compassionate” policies.


Rioters rewarded:

Earlier yesterday, more than 100 rioting asylum seekers stared down the Federal Government when immigration officials caved in to their demands to be transferred from Christmas Island to the mainland.

Yuman Rites Mafia calls the shots:  police on the  defense

THE federal government has defended the use of “beanbag bullets” by Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers to quell a riot at the Christmas Island detention centre.

Indeed, even more “compassion” is being considered.

I read in one news report on this latest trouble: “The Gillard Government is determined to expedite the shift of detainees to mainland centres after using up much goodwill in the island community.”

Brilliant. And what signal does that send? What will that encourage?

Let me repeat the moral.

Only a fool who judges policies by their intentions rather than their consequences could admire this disaster.

And, incidentally, this for me is also the key difference between the Left and conservatives. Watch and learn.


Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has defended his outspoken attack on the “racist” Liberal Party, saying the Federal Opposition’s policies are being “corrupted” by “hatred”. (7News)

You should write to Wilkie, here. Please be polite!

6 thoughts on “Compassionate KRudd”

  1. * Rioters rewarded:

    No no no! They were not rewarded. As with the Oceanic Viking hijackers before them, they simply got what they wanted, which is a completely different thing, according to the Government’s spinners.

    Come in, spinner!

  2. In Australia, if you take away
    SOCIAL SECURITY FOR LIFE ie. No requirement to WORK for you or any of your FOUR WIVES you or your children for LIFE.
    How many of these Godless swine would the Australian Labor Party be able to entice to Australia?
    How many Australians will die at the work place in the 70’s or 80’s in order to provide the taxes to pay for these Muslim Cunts free ride courtesy of the Australian Labor Party and their Army of New Age Politically Correct Crystal Gazers?

    Full text with Aussies permission:

    Australia’s ” Muslim Refugee problem” is simply just another weapon in the armory of the Left.

    A calculated Labor / Green Loon / ACTU policy, of flooding Australia, with as many Muslims as possible, via the back door, in order to destroy Australian Society, Muslims, are incompatible with ANY civilized society,and as evidenced by historical and present events, they are unable to co exist with any educated civilized Judeo Christian Western Democracies the world over.

    Islam shows, that what the west regards as the most gross of perversions,and anti social norms, Islam regards as Koran allowable practices on earth, and cherished rewards in their Islamic “Heaven”

    Islam is Satan’s gift to the UN,the Left and the United Nation’s Rabid Mad Dog ,a Dog so Rabid that only Satan and the UN has a key to its leash, let loose and facilitated wherever possible by the UN whenever the UN wants to keep the “Serfs” YOU,on their toes.

    Muslim immigration should be halted immediately to all Judeo Christian Western Democracies.

    Muslims already resident in OUR lands should be encouraged, via withdrawal of social security benefits and citizenship, where held, to be repatriated to their, their parents or grand parents country of origin,those who fail to take advantage of this most generous offer, should be interned until such time as they opt to take advantage of the most generous offer, of repatriation.

    There cannot be any objection by Muslims to this most generous offer, given the Cultural,Economic,Social and Religious norms and Customs they demand be implemented sorry, IMPOSED upon the Democratic Judeo/Christian West,are already in place in their historical homelands aka. what they,Muslims call “Home”

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    I urge all readers of the above to post where you can and indeed forward it to all Muslims you may know, encourage them to return to wherever their Islamic Religious or Ideological homeland is,it is in my opinion a win win, Muslims able to live amongst the manifestations of their Religion,free of Western Democratic Judeo Christian Civilization and the citizens of those same Western Democratic Judeo Christian Civilizations will be free of the parasitic, nihilistic ,Satanic influence of the manifestations of Islam living and breathing amongst us.

    To have Americans, Australians, British & other coalition troops fighting and dIeing in Afghanistan whilst the MALE citizens of Afghanistan are invited by the Australian Labor /Green Loon / Independent Coalition Minority Government to illegally enter Australia ,after abandoning their “Loved Ones” in what ever Islamic shit hole they ran away from, via the ALP’s “people smugglers” and be granted residence, is akin to Australia inviting Nazi’s and Japanese soldiers to enter Australia during WW2 and set up a base camp on Australian soil with Australian passports as proof of our “Multicultural Credentials”.

    Why is the Ju LIAR Gillard/ Bob Brown minority coalition Australian Government insisting on importing into Australia as many of these Godless Savages as it can?

  3. “News”, straight from the enablers as it happens …


    * Peaceful?


    * Crack down on illegal entry? if only!

    Hunger strike at Villawood ends

    * Got a special deal?

    Asylum seekers break-out of Christmas Island detention centre

    * Tax payers get yet another damage bill

    (and so on)

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