French religious leaders warn against Islam debate

Nice little country you got, what a shame if something happened to it!

Lookin’ for  another intifadah of ‘marginalized yoots’ burning 10.000 cars and businesses…..?

(Reuters) – The leaders of France’s six main religions warned the government on Wednesday against a planned debate on Islam they say could stigmatise Muslims and fuel prejudice as the country nears national elections next year.

Dirty little Muslim tricks: A lay Muslim politician caused a stir this week by suggesting Muslims wear a five-pointed green star to protest against what he called persecution recalling that of wartime Jews forced by the Nazis to wear a yellow Star of David.  (But Muslims are not Jews, Muslims want to kill all the Jews. And  Muslims sided with the Nazis to murder Jews …. more below the fold*)

COMMENT from Daled Amos:

“I suppose Dahmane does not appreciate the irony that it was the Muslims themselves who imposed distinctive clothing on Jews and other non-Muslims for centuries–and served as the inspiration for the Nazi’s yellow Jewish star.”  (via TT)

“Faith Leaders” promote sharia:

The faith leaders said France has held many long and serious debates about its secular system, introduced in 1905 to separate the church and state, and questioned the need for another one.

“We are working for a common sense secularism,” they said. “Secularism cannot be separated from our fundamental values, especially the dignity and respect for the human person.”

There is always another useful idiot Jew:

Individual religious leaders have supported Muslims, who at about five million constitute France’s second-largest religion after Catholicism. “It’s often difficult to be a Muslim in France,” Grand Rabbi Gilles Bernheim said last week.

“This difficulty is worse today in this unhealthy climate, aggravated by talk that divides rather than unites,” the Jewish leader told the daily Le Monde. (Al Reuters has more)

“Fascist Climate”

Abderrahmane Dahmane, who was fired as Sarkozy’s advisor for diversity issues this month after criticising the UMP debate, also criticised Cope for suggesting Muslims should no longer pray in Arabic — the language of the Koran — in their mosques.

“This fascist climate evokes the sombre history of the Occupation in France, which sent thousands of Jews by train to the death camps,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Richard Prasquier, head of the Jewish umbrella group CRIF, called the green star idea “totally grotesque.”

3 thoughts on “French religious leaders warn against Islam debate”

  1. Why worry about stigmatizing Muslims?
    They’ve stigmatized themselves far more thoroughly than any Westerner could stigmatize them.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if JUST ONE of these ‘faith leaders’ said something like:
    “Yes, maybe people are not showing you the respect you think you deserve, but neither are they kidnapping your children, blowing up your mosques or shooting your congregation.”

  3. They are pushing, and pushing to the extreme, now even using the yellow Nazi-symbol as a reference. There seems to be no limit, and the Church, and the Synagoge are running with them. How come? People don’t understand why they side with the muslims, and not with the people.

    Are they really going to win? The whole world under sharia? Everybody bending..?

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