Hamza Yusuf lies his ass off: "more people died from dog bites than from Islamic terrorism…."


US DOJ: Muslims 1% of America – 80% of Terror Convictions…

“Abortion doctors” to blame for terrorism, its all about ‘misunderstandings about the sharia’, Americans practice ‘usury’, sharia is not a threat, ‘penal code is not agreed upon’ which is unfortunate, Hamza actually says ‘no hands will be cut off in a consumer society’.

Al Jizz Kicks the Grievance Theater to a Higher Level

You need a box of Kleenex to watch this:

Are Muslims in the US the victims of another McCarthy-type witch hunt?

For the first time in US history, at least 15 states have either approved or introduced bills banning sharia law.

These bills may make it a crime for Muslims to fast, pray, or even donate to charity. (Absolutely not. That’s just the absurd hyperbole that comes with the Mohammedan mental baggage) And on Thursday, in a move that many critics deem unconstitutional, congressional hearings chaired by Peter King, the Republican representative, will begin examining the so-called radicalisation within the American Muslim community.

So much for “Islamic scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf” on Al Jizz

11 thoughts on “Hamza Yusuf lies his ass off: "more people died from dog bites than from Islamic terrorism…."”

  1. “These bills may make it a crime for Muslims to fast, pray, or even donate to charity”

    So what is the problem with the Bills?
    The next Bill should be “Identification, Internment and repatriation to an Islamic Utopian Shit Hole of their choosing,where ALL the benefits of Islam are already in place.. its a WIN WIN.

  2. And dogs smell better and don’t suck up welfare. And their sexual behaviour is infanitley superior.

  3. Ha, ha, ha. The biggest shoppers in any of our charity stores are Muslims. They hate us, they hate christians, yet they shop in a shop which plainly displays the sign of the cross.

    I will go along with Sharia – as long as it is used on rapists, paedophiles and other sexual devients. Cut off their penis, this should stop them from reoffending right now. Of course we would be more compassionate and carry out the medical procedure in a safe and sterile environment as they do with the genital mutilation of little girls, in Indonesia. White masks, rubber gloves and all.

  4. Aussie, they dont give to charity, they are charity. Australia is their big south land of charity. From the cradel to the grave, we pay for them.

    Hamza Yusef, says we are usary – hahahahah. What the hell do they think they are. The biggest users ever to exist. And why would you cut off hands in a “Consumer Society”? This bloke should get a job on David Letterman, or some other comedy man. Comedy is definately Hanza’s forte. With a big, big F.

  5. Banning Sharia Law is a step in the right direction. Next they need to stop Muslim immigration and break-up the Muslim enclaves. And we need to do the same in Australia.

  6. Urban 11

    Such has been the long term systematic cruelty of Muslims to dogs, that in Muslim countries, they can now smell a Muslim, and run for their lives.

    Mary Boyce, Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies and a pre-eminent scholar of Zoroastrianism, writes – In Sharifabad the dogs distinguished clearly between Moslem and Zoroastrian, and were prepared to go…full of hope, into a crowded Zoroastrian assembly, or to fall asleep trustfully in a Zoroastrian lane, but would flee as before Satan from a group of Moslem boys.

    Read it all

    Then I remember seeing photos in Iraq of emaciated dogs creeping towards a US soldier. His fear was there because of a lifetime of cruelty from humans, but if he had smelled a Muslim he would go nowhere near. Or of stray dogs in Iraq who had been befriended and shown kindness by soldiers, then willingly protecting the soldiers from attack.

    I fear that Muslims are calling on themselves some terrible retribution.

    1. Hello, I’m Muhammad, calling from hell.

      I’m not a prophet, just a simple mass murderer.

      I’m also a serial rapist and a child molester. I raided caravans and killed Jewish tribes, stole their belongings and told my followers that I did it in the name of Al Ilha, the pagan moon god of the ancient desert Arabs. I deceived millions of fast breeding miscreants who became brainless, genocidal lunatics and every day more of them arrive here in hell to roast in the fire.

      They were expecting virgins!

      Hahahahahha! I spit on these fools!

  7. Introducing Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

    Read here all about the “moderate” Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna College, and the waging of the “jihad of the tongue” in a land, America, where non-Muslims still dominate, and where the approach Muhammad took in Mecca — not later in Medina, when he was more powerful — has still to be employed.

    16 Jul 2012

    In November 2004, jihadwatch carried a ‘Khaleed Times’ report on Hamza Yousef’s pronouncements at a conference in Dubai.


    ‘Hamza Yousef: Jihad is actually considered a Rahma (mercy) in Islam.

    The article opened as follows:

    “Dubai – The Muslim society has lost the ability of strategic thinking, which Prophet Muhammad exemplified by compromising on several points with the enemy when he signed the Treaty of Hudaibia, said leading American Muslim, Shaikh Hamza Yousef, at a lecture on Monday.

    “Elaborating his pint, Shaikh Hamza Yousuf said, “There are times when you have to live like a sheep in order to live in the future like a lion”…

    And that, coming straight after the reference to the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, which Mohammed feigningly made and then – the moment he felt he and his Muslims were strong enough – treacherously broke, tells us all we need to know about the ‘moderation’ of Sheikh Hamza Yousef, and his smiles and wiles and ‘interfaith’ activities.

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