Homo Run

After she falsely swore “I rule out a carbon tax” Jooliar Gillard has opened the door to the nation’s first legal same-sex marriage laws, removing obstacles to the social agenda of the Australian Greens despite her personal opposition to gay unions.

“Stop Gillard’s carbon tax!”

The conservative Menzies House is running the petition here.

Christians Found Unfit for Foster Care

In yet another ham-fisted attempt to impose depravity as the new normal, Britain’s moonbat rulers have denied Christians from taking in foster children when it came to light that they would not endorse the homosexual lifestyle:

Owen and Eunice Johns: Insufficiently degenerate.

Eunice and Owen Johns, aged 62 and 65, from Oakwood, Derby, went to court after a social worker expressed concerns when they said they could not tell a child a “homosexual lifestyle” was acceptable.

In a world run by moonbats, as in Animal Farm, some are more equal than others. Anyone pushing the militant homosexual agenda is very equal. Christians and decent people in general aren’t equal at all.  (Unfit) from Moonbattery

San Fransicko Moonbats Enraged by Coca-Cola Sign

If he had put up a giant picture of homosexuals spreading AIDS with some appalling act of depravity, no one would have complained. Neighbors would have walked past smiling smugly, pleased with their own tolerance. But a good liberal only tolerates what the ruling class tells us to tolerate, and currently that does not include soda pop. (San Fransicko Moonbattery)

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  1. Almost every anti-jihad site I visit openly displays hatred of Gays. I could list them all but I won’t. I am surprised that those who abhor islam so easily adopt one of it’s concepts. I would think one would want to stay as far away from islamic dogma as possible. And those who try to slither out of it usually say, but I’m not saying kill them like islamists do. You may as well be saying that because you want them to disappear as if they’d been killed.

    I don’t agree with everything Gays do or want but it’s not OK to have to endure reading so much hatred toward them on anti-jihad sites (and there are many of them). I’d like to concentrate on trying to eradicate the islamic threat. Lord knows we need all the help we can get on that subject.

    And if I get banned for this, I wish you all good luck in the fight against islam. And remember their are many Gay “soldiers” in your fight against islam who continue the good fight even though they are disdained by everyone around them.

  2. Yeah, have to say I don’t agree with this post. While I do think Christians shouldn’t be discriminated like this by the adoption authorities, I have no problem with consenting adults being homosexual. It is appalling if they are saying the Christian couple must promote homosexuality. I’m sure if their child turned out to be gay they would love them and accept them. Need more info here, are they crazy Christians who would send the kid to some crazy deprogramming place? Are the adoption people saying they must actively promote homosexuality to the children?

  3. Having grown up in the SF Area and personally witnessing the genesis of AIDS/HIV/ARC, and being a straight, unconvoluted observer who has worked in the medical field in that area, I feel I should add my two cents here:

    1. In the late 1970’s the CDC (Center for Disease Control) approached both the civic leaders and gay community leaders with a startling medical problem which, then, had no name.
    2. These SF leaders were told in very specific terms “There is a fatal immune system disease emanating from the gay bath-houses. We don’t yet know what is causing it, but are seeing more and more gay men who frequent these places getting this new type of sickness for which there is no name. PLEASE CLOSE THE BATH-HOUSES UNTIL WE CAN UNDERSTAND THIS FATAL DISEASE. These bath-houses are the “Vector” in communicable disease terms.
    3. The gay leadership, gay community, and SF Supervisors said “FUCK OFF” and “We do what we want”.
    4. Subsequently, thousands upon thousands of people were needlessly infected and died.
    5. Homosexuals have a large preponderance of domestic violence, promiscuity, and serious drug abuse (Meth, Ecstacy, Coke, etc.) as well as immature, and self destructive behavior.
    5. The entire SF homosexual community and the leadership from that era should all be in prison for conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, and be quarantined no less than “Typhoid Mary”.

  4. If I were in Gay & living in SF during the beginning of AIDS I don’t think I’d trust anyone from the government either, especially someone who was attempting to curtail my sexual behavior because they had made it clear they despised me for it. It’s not wise to trust people who hate you.

    Don’t try and blame this whole AIDS epidemic on Gays. Right now I’d bet the majority of people carrying and spreading AIDS are “straight” men who infect their wives.

    “4. Subsequently, thousands upon thousands of people were needlessly infected and died.”

    Why were supposed “straights” sexually active with Gays, and you know they were? (rhetorical)

    “5. Homosexuals have a large preponderance of domestic violence, promiscuity, and serious drug abuse (Meth, Ecstacy, Coke, etc.) as well as immature, and self destructive behavior.”

    Oh pulease…. more than straights? I’d like see the data on that. And heterosexuals could be accused of their own crimes to society, so give it a rest.

    Too bad people can’t be arrested for exaggeration and not staying on topic.
    This is one of the reasons I wrote my original post. Any excuse to hate on Gays will do. I rest my case.

  5. when*pigs*fly sez:

    ‘Almost every anti-jihad site I visit openly displays hatred of Gays’

    Really? Most of us reject that out of hand.

    Most of us reject the homosexual agenda. We tolerate homosexuals, but we reject to be forced into becoming propagandists for their lifestyle.

    I reject homosexual marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman.

    I reject the term ‘gay’ because it perverts the real meaning of youthful and excitable. Most ‘gays’ have a chip on their shoulder the size of a house. Most ‘gays’ I know are vicious and bitchy.

    Nobody here said ‘kill them’- stop making things up.

    It is Muslims who teach that homosexuals must be killed. Muslims terrorize them, torture and kill them, not readers of this website.

    It is homosexuals who hate and force their agenda down everyones throat. It is homosexuals who defiled churches in America because preachers rejected homosexual marriage.

    It was a hateful, vicious homosexual (Perez Hilton) who destroyed Carrie Prejean’s career for honestly stating she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I could give you a hundred other examples of homosexual bullying.

    Yes, I do have a problem when our fighting men in Afghanistan are being indoctrinated with homo sensitivity, their lives are on the line. They don’t need more BS, they need to concentrate on their job.

    The article above is about a black Christian couple being rejected by a homosexual bully for not pushing the homo agenda. These people have principles, they have beliefs. They said they could not tell a child a “homosexual lifestyle” was acceptable.

    You want to force them to abandon their moral compass?

  6. And this is really the crux of the whole entire argument. The same-sex marriage debate has never been about equal rights. The question has always been about whether homosexuality is a legitimate lifestyle and will society condone it. That’s what it basically boils down to.

    The supporters of SS–marriage mask it in the guise of spousal benefits, tax status, hospital visitations, and inheritance laws (all of which could have been negotiated contractually in private). But what they are really seeking is the societal approval of their lifestyle.

    What we are seeing in the story above is exactly what will occur in the future when SS-marriage is legalized here in the US. If homosexuality is put on an equal plane with heterosexuality, then why shouldn’t schools teach both versions of sex-ed? Why should kids be expected to marry a member of the opposite sex?

    Religious organizations teach that homosexuality is a sin and should be avoided. This has no place in a “tolerant” society where homosexual orientation is most perfectly valid. And henceforth, we shall see that christians shall not “infect” these foster children with their hateful christian values.

    I doubt that any leftist or supporter of gay super-rights has thought any of this through.

  7. With all due respect, when I talked about people killing homosexuals I was referring to muslims. I then said that hating them is akin to wishing them dead and gone because that’s the excuse that most non-muslims use when being compared to muslims. They say “I’m not advocating killing them so how dare you compare me to them?”To which I reply, if you could get away with it & the government & the main religion was behind it I’d like to see what you’d do. The point is , a lot of non-muslims loathe gays just as much as muslims do.

    You make a lot of well used & abused talking points and assumptions which stereotype gays , but I will attempt to address them..

    *No one is forcing you to become a propagandists for their lifestyle. They are simply fighting for equal rights, which I support. Anything above that I do not support. It doesn’t keep me up at night. I don’t feel threatened.

    *Marriage has been between a man & a woman because gays have been held back & oppressed for so long. They should have had the same rights a long time ago. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry if they want to? It’s just an equal right for loving gay couples. It’s no skin off straights’ ‘a$$es, they lose nothing. I don’t understand why they feel so threatened, I don’t. Personally I don’t understand why anyone even wants to get married at all, but that’s my preference. ( I don’t want re-hash the “that leads to pedophile marriages and any two living things getting married” tu quoque.. If one looks at how long & hard the battle gays have had, then it will be a very long time until we have to worry about anything else being seriously considered.)

    * It’s the government that is shoving things you don’t want down your throat. Gays are not that powerful. They fight to have equal rights and yes some may mirror back the hatred they have endured for years, but as such I don’t find them to be a hateful group. They certainly have no higher ratio of hateful people that straights do. And I’d like to see how many straights would become hateful after having to live their lives in secret and being despised for who they were.

    *”It was a hateful, vicious homosexual (Perez Hilton) who destroyed Carrie Prejean’s career”

    So? Carrie Prejean (who turned out to be a liar) destroyed her own career all by herself. I don’t follow “Parez” but if he is hateful & vicious, so are many straights and if I remember correctly EVERY bully I have ever come up against was straight.I don’t understand why one bully is worse than another just because of gender preference.

    * I also share your concern for the soldiers, but must remind you that many who risk their lives to protect you & me are also gay. We all have no control over the command choosing to broach this subject on the ground , under fire, but I doubt it is the decision of gay forces on the ground either.

    * “You want to force them to abandon their moral compass?”
    No I don’t, but in standing up for their rights I don’t want anyone else’s trampled on. That goes for the couple’s rights who are trying to adopt. I am not making a judgement about whose rights are more important & should be enforced, that’s up to the government. They should take their fight to the government officials , where it belongs.

    * As for hatred of gays on blogs. I’ve seen it on almost all anti-jihad blogs I follow except for Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna , where I admit I may have missed it.
    Some of the blogs stir the pots themselves with hateful remarks & stories on purpose. Some simply let gay haters rage on and post their vile comments & do nothing about it. Seldom does anyone challenge them.
    On one site a poster used ANY excuse to make hateful comments. I, and only I challenged him until he went away after attempting many name changes. He’s active on other blogs where he’s trying the same tactics, but somewhat more subdued. I suggest if you don’t believe me about the blogs ( many which are the most popular), that you monitor them yourself and you will see that I’m telling the truth.

    There are many things that gays & i don’t agree about, but that doesn’t make me hate them., but then again I haven’t been brainwashed by any religion, I tend to think for myself.

    I was just very surprised to find so many followers of the anti-jihad movement agreeing with ANY tenent of islam. That’s all I have to say , to explain myself. I’ve made my point and I’m done. Thanks for posting it.

  8. Just to let you know what “bullying” is all about, because nothing is what it is, under the Obamster regime:

    Al Franken Pushes Homosexual Brainwashing on Public Schools

    Aggressive promotion of the homosexual agenda isn’t just for California schools anymore. Thanks to a comedian who became a Senator due to voter fraud, it will soon be mandated nationwide in the name of combating “bullying.” To no one’s surprise, the Obama Regime has endorsed the Student Non-Discrimination Act:

    The legislation, introduced by Senator Al Franken (D-Minn), would serve to help protect all children from bullying in schools but would also specifically enumerate sexual orientation and gender identity, making it illegal for schools to discriminate against LGBT kids. It would also mandate that schools actively work to combat and deal with anti-LGBT bullying.

    There’s no need to worry about “bullying,” because innocent little children are not “lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual.” They won’t be innocent either when the degenerates who rule us are through brainwashing them….

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