Homosexuality & Rape in Islam

Boy risks death to prevent rape

A kidnapped Saudi boy risked being killed when he abruptly pulled the hand brake of the speeding car of his captors to prevent them from raping him, a newspaper reported on Thursday.


The boy and his two captors were injured when the car turned over twice on a main road outside the western Saudi town of Taif, the online Arabic language paper Kabar said.

It did not specify the boy’s age but said he was snatched from his neighborhood in Taif by two men, who beat him up and bundled him into their car before speeding outside the city.

“While they were struggling to kidnap him, the boy managed to call the police…but they finally succeeded in taking him away,” it said.

“While in the car, they threatened to beat him again if he resists…but he later eluded them and sharply pulled up the hand brake, causing their vehicle to overturn twice…they were taken to hospital and the two captors were under police custody.”

Jihad through rape: Attacks on Western women by Muslims “resembles warfare” – media censors attack stories worldwide


In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime in motion being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.

Western Muslims’ Racist Rape Spree   By Sharon Lapkin/FrontPageMagazine.com

Mothers of prevention

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps. Two men have been sent to jail, but the girls’ mothers, not the police, are at the forefront of the crackdown. Why are the authorities so reluctant to get involved?  (Sunday Times)

Muslim Rapist Calls Victim to Apologize for Being a ‘Naughty Boy’…

A SUPERMARKET boss who raped a drugged woman in her home only weeks before he was due to get married was jailed yesterday for eight years.

Remember during the gay ‘marriage’ debate, we were scolded: ‘Nobody’s talking about polygamy, you bigoted hicks’?

As all us smart people predicted:

“Aly Hindi, an outspoken imam at Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ont., (…) believes banning polygamy is harmful to women.”

That’s what Aisha said I bet.

Mark Steyn comments:

Why, yes. Yes, I do…

Just as Islam has been the biggest beneficiary of Europe’s post-war Holocaust guilt and its attendant embrace of “multiculturalism”, so polygamous Muslim men will be be the biggest beneficiaries of the gay moment and its redefinition of social institutions.

No Place for Homosexual Imam in Islam:


IRAN: Homosexual teenage boys get four choices

DEATH by hanging. DEATH by stoning. DEATH by being cut in half by the sword. DEATH by being dropped off the highest perch. And that only happens after being flogged 228 times.


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  1. Will somebody please explain to me why the obamamedia bends over forwards to convince people that most Muslims are “Peace loving,” but bends over backwards to convince peope that all Chistians are fanatics like Westboro Baptist Church !!!???

  2. Its all a big “con” Bewildered, just like climate change, the banking system and politicians in general. Its a con job.

    What better way to torture anyone male or female than to rape them. Humilliation for the victim, and bliss for the terrorist – usually men. Its a Muslim thing. Remember Yusuf “Crack a fat”. He loved the little boys. So it was reported by many middle eastern reporters back in the day. They love the crack – its a religious experience you know! Good luck with that one.

  3. When it’s an adult raping a child it’s called pedophilia not homosexuality. There are many heterosexual pedophiles.

  4. After my rant earlier today regarding Christian leaders do nothing to stop Islam in their tracks, I received this – please take a look

    Trailer for our “Sacrificed Survivors” film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ChbxR9RUyM

    This is from a Christian group from California and they have a big film coming up and will travel across America with it showing it in every state. It’s about the building of the mosque at ground zero. They say theya are prepared to lay in front of the machines. At last. They all agree is it a burial site and will never be disturbed, especially by those who murdered their loved ones.

  5. Thank you,”Catherine,”for your answer and comments.

    I am not sure how “whenpigsfly’s” comment fits in here,but we all agree with you,I am sure,ol’ Chap.

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