Israel: Heroic Muslim Arab Takes Out Family of Five

Allahu akbar! The AP reports “a rare outburst of violence ”

ITAMAR, West Bank — A Palestinian Arab terrorist infiltrated a Jewish West Bank Judea- Samaria settlement town early Saturday and killed five people, the Israeli military said.

Israeli media is reporting that the dead are all members of the same family — parents and three children. The family — including an 11-year-old, a 3-year-old and an infant — was all stabbed in their sleep, the YNet website reported.

Other news:

The military says it is sweeping the area in search of the perpetrator and has set up checkpoints throughout the West Bank. It has instructed all residents to stay in their homes during the extensive sweeps.

The military blocked the entrance to the northern West Bank settlement of Itamar, as soldiers poured inside and a pair of ambulances departed.

The overnight attack is the first attack against settlers in months and the first of its kind and scope in years. It marks a rare outburst of violence during a relatively calm period.

It also comes as Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts are at a standstill and seems likely to complicate efforts to restart them.

Itamar is home to some of the West Bank’s most fervent settlers. The attack took place in the middle of the night against a religious community on the Jewish Sabbath.

The attack was reminiscent of a similar one against Itamar in June 2002, during the height of the violent Palestinian uprising, when a gunmen burst into the home of a family and opened fire.

The mother of the family and three of her children were murdered. Another two children were seriously injured and a local security official was shot to death as he tried to help.

11 thoughts on “Israel: Heroic Muslim Arab Takes Out Family of Five”

  1. Now lets see what condemnation the International community pours out towards the Arabs… *crickets*

    As usual it will be Israels fault /sigh.

  2. I am sure the MSM will have a perfectly good explanation as to why their Godless savage of choice expressed his disapproval of Judeo Christian oppression in this way.

  3. * And they let vermin like this back into Australia ->

    Thanks Kevin / Julia.

  4. Japan’s Palestinian Connection and the big Quake

    The undeserved assistance to the Palestinian’s by Japan has been rewarded.
    A very unwise investment that has brought great death, pain ,suffering and economic ruin to the Japanese people.
    I don’t say this lightly.
    But I will not ignore what everyone else in the world is ignoring.
    This is only a preview of the destruction that is coming especially to the U.S. which is soon to be cut in pieces(Zechariah 12:3) for dividing up Israel and Jerusalem.

    I see the tragic suffering of the Japanese people and I am truly sad,but I warn all of you ,every nation,
    That God will respond likewise to any and all who assist Israel’s enemies and for their wickedness.
    And this is why this present world has a very dark future ahead of it.

    What is happening in Japan is what the rest of the nations of world have to look forward to.
    The curse of assisting Israel’s enemies goes way back to Genesis 12:3
    “And I will make you a great nation,And will bless you,
    And make your name great And so you shall be a blessing;
    And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who curses you I will curse
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

    1. The Japanese are manipulated into giving this assistance to Pal Arab parasites by the UN and by the EUSSR communists.
      Like all the EU dhimmies, the Japanese follow the path of least resistance to secure the flow of oil. Why would the Japan oligarchy be held back by a bunch of Jews who are fighting tooth and nail to stay alive?

  5. I hope that they catch the dirty low-life muslim that did this killing. Then I hope that the same thing happens to everyone that this dirty low-life loves.

  6. Rossco,
    I can’t bear to see what happened to the family. It breaks my heart just reading the news article. Yet there are so many Muslims that take joy in what happened, dam it sickens me.

  7. Sorry, Ironside, but the sorts of things the RoP does needs to be shown to the world, as uncomfortable as it is.

    I apologize if it makes you feel this way. I get no joy out of it either.

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