3 thoughts on “Jackass junior explains: 'I have a dream' means 'gimme gimme'”

  1. Jesse Jackson was always jealous of the strength of Martin Luther King Jnr. King the author of one of the greatest speeches ever written in the cause of liberty, along with the Pericles Speech on the Funeral Oration in Athens and Churchills Speech to his nation in their Darkest Hour.

    Time to pull the snot nose kid into line Rev. Jesse Jackson before someone else does it for you. Now their is a bigot!

  2. Only one man could take moonbattery to more preposterous extremes than Jesse Jackson: his communist offspring Rep. Jesse Jackson Junior (D-IL). Here Triple J calls for amending the Constitution to include the “basic” right to free iPods and laptops for everyone, coercively paid for by everyone else:
    Jesse Jackson Junior Calls for Communism


    In a free country, goods and services are provided through voluntary exchange. In liberal utopia, the goods and services provided by others are your “right”; that is, they are provided through coercion. We used to call this slavery.

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