Messiah Status Revoked

Calypso Louis doesn’t like it when his Muslim brother Obama attacks his benefactor Gaddafi. He’ll be more agreeable after the Muslim Brotherhood emerges as the new ruling party in Libya. After all, its for ‘the greater good’.  The official line is: “left unchecked, Gadhafi will commit unspeakable atrocities.” Read More »

“Be careful, brother!”

Farrakhan Warns Obama on Libya: ‘Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?’

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ZIP reminds us of the good ol’ days:

Flashback: Farrakhan on Obama: “The Messiah is absolutely speaking”

Update to Farrakhan asking Obama, “Who the hell do you think you are?”Apparently Louis has downgraded Obama from “Messiah” status, which he conferred on him on February 24, 2008:

2 thoughts on “Messiah Status Revoked”

  1. The era of hypocrites, from east to west lies and deceptions rules the world. The Arabs leaders they don’t speak for the Arabs but rather for their masters western leader in exchange for protection. The wests are bombing Libya not for helping the suffering Libyans people but rather to get Gadafi for downing Pan am plane. If the hypocrite western countries want really democracy they should start with Yemen where in one day the government killed 50 peaceful protesters. Also what Bahrain is doing to the protesters and Saudi Arabia invading Bahrain so that they will finish the peaceful protesters? Where are those presidents from France to the US? Why are they quite about the atrocity in Yemen, Bahrain and the Ivory coast where the government gun down women in cold blood? They don’t want democracy but oil and be even with Gadafi. I get sick to my stomach when I hear idiots saying “ it is okay since the Arab league is with us in bombing Libya” who are the Arab leagues? They are bunch of dictators, they are not the voice of the Arabs. The true Arabs are sick of the west bombing their people and stilling their resources. The Arabs are uprising against their government in all over the Arab world. not only for democracy but a shamed of their leaders compromising their honors and dignity being sold to the west against their Arabs brother and sisters getting united.

  2. Maidi,
    You put these people into power, and the West does NOT steal your resources. You have nothing apart from oil, and oil is a resource that your people cannot exploit without the West. You put the thugs into power in your countries by not standing up to them – stop blaming others for your problems or you will never grow up. And you people mindless accept the bleating of a child molesting rapist and murderer called mohammed as the word of God. Start looking at islam as being one of the key problems you need to resolve!

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