Mugged by Reality: Raped QLD Woman Tells of her Jail Hell in United Arab Emirates


What is she complaining about?  Raping an infidel whore is not against sharia. Alicia Gali is lucky she wasn’t stoned to death for committing adultery. She should have asked Australia’s catmeat sheik al-Hilali for advice on Islamic law before she went!

Rape-victim  Alicia Gali is warning other women to be cautious overseas

A QUEENSLAND woman spent eight months in a United Arab Emirates jail for adultery after complaining to police about being drugged and raped by co-workers.

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Alicia Gali, 29, yesterday detailed her harrowing ordeal after filing a Queensland lawsuit against the five-star international resort where the attack allegedly took place in 2008.

Warning other women against going to the UAE, Ms Gali said she endured eight months in a crowded prison room with up to 30 other women after she complained to authorities of being raped.

“These countries don’t have the same laws as us. You can end up in serious trouble,” she said.

No s#*t, Alicia. You don’t say…..But if it’s any consolation, Alicia: they do it to their own as well:

Shock Rape Account Cut Short by Thugs

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP/THE BLAZE) — A distraught Libyan woman stormed into a Tripoli hotel Saturday to tell foreign reporters that government troops raped her, setting off a brawl when hotel staff and government minders tried to detained her.

According to Sky News:

As journalists tried to speak to her, things got out of control and the police minders waded in, trying to physically shut her up and stop her talking.

Hers is not the voice they want heard in this country. In the commotion a gun was pointed towards the Sky News team in an attempt to stop them filming.

A team from another news organisation had their camera smashed in front of them.

After about 15 minutes the woman was dragged outside the hotel and put into a waiting car.

A bag was put over her head and she was driven away. The government minders said she was being taken to a hospital, but according to CNN, “she insisted she was being carted off to prison.” Shock Rape Account Cut Short by Thugs

She claimed loudly that troops had detained her a checkpoint, tied her up, abused her, then led her away to be gang raped.

Apart from her family, no one in Australia knew Ms Gali had been jailed for adultery and illegal drinking, because Australian embassy staff advised her and her family not to go to the media.

“It was just traumatising,” she said.

“Everything that happened was the worst thing that somebody could go through.”

“You’re just totally alone in a foreign country, with no assistance from your employer or the embassy.”

Ms Gali, a salon manager at the resort, said she had been in the staff bar, where she was told she could legally drink, when another employee put ice in her drink.

She said it was the last thing she remembered before waking the next day in her room with painful injuries.

“I didn’t know what had happened. I was traumatised, I felt ill. I didn’t even remember getting there or what had happened,” Ms Gali said.

She said it was only when she took herself to hospital did she realise she had been sexually assaulted.

Later she learned she had been heard screaming and security guards had found men hiding in her room, where she was naked and unconscious.

When she was discharged from hospital she was asked to go to a police station to make a statement and then speak in front of a judge.

“I realised when I was put in a police car that I was being taken to jail.”

Ms Gali said she was never warned by her UAE employers that she could be charged with adultery and face prison if she complained of being raped, without having four adult male Muslim witnesses.

“I didn’t even know what the charges were until five months into my sentence,” Ms Gali said.

Three of the men Ms Gali claimed sexually abused her were jailed, but for adultery and not rape.

After serving eight months of a 12-month sentence, Ms Gali was pardoned and released and flew home in March 2009.

Since then she has been treated for post traumatic stress disorder, suffered claustrophobia and flashbacks.

“I felt depressed, angry and confused,” she said.

“I was the victim. I’d had something wrong done to me and I was being punished.”

Law firm Maurice Blackburn on Thursday filed a damages claim in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, alleging Ms Gali’s employer failed to warn her of the risk of being drugged, raped, charged with adultery and jailed if she complained.

Solicitor Melissa Payne said it was a complex legal case and they would consult experts in UAE law.

“Complex” as in sharia?  Don’t waste  time and money, girls.  They will laugh you out of court.

* ‘Catmeat’sheik: uncovered meat is the problem!

THE nation’s most senior Muslim cleric has blamed immodestly dressed women who don’t wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned “meat” that attracts voracious animals. (source)

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  1. The real faces of arab malehood – the rapist, the coward, and the liar. Hey “Next Post”, got any consoling advice for the women featured on this page.?? No!!! No surprise really

  2. There is no such thing as rape in the islamic world. A woman is a man’s right-hand possession. And the australian girl’s story is unfortunate because The UAE is supposed to be the tolerant and cosmopolitan gulf state. I read the article, and it appears that she was given a roofie or some type of date-rape drug. Terrible.

  3. Jzaik,
    Arabs are arabs!!!! The UAE is full of them … why is anyone surprised??? The only surprise is that she is still alive!!

  4. Yes, Kaw, you’re right. And the only other surprise is that people (westerners) still go to those countries, thinking it can’t happen to them. And the only THIRD surprise is that western countries keep importing millions of people from mu-slime countries, thinking that as soon as they land, their warped culture will somehow miraculously change!

  5. No wonder this woman was told not to complain, they knew only too well that she would indeed be carted off to jail. Bastards.

  6. Normal issue passports should be designated invalid for all of these islamic counties.

    Poor girl should have known better, but she is just another victim of msn, politicians and other fools who spread the religion of peace and civilised islamic country lies and also assist the propagation misleading information about moslems, islam and sharia in general.

  7. I got friends going to Dubai attempting missions—they know its illegal. Someone needs to get these people away from Islam. But they are still even being fed the lies that Dubai is “more lenient”. It is not just appearances to spread the Sharia and pieces of bodies…sick cult.

  8. it was unkind to pillory the victim. I went to the emirates to work in 1992-4 and they were talking of more sharia then. they were quite decadent and ‘tolerant’ in some emirates but not others.
    this lady was raped. the emirates show a veneer of western civilisation. we are just better paid slaves there compared to the asian slaves. we were not experts in sharia law. we went there full of hope in the goodness of human nature. to mock her plight is no different from the unfeeling brutes you seek to satirise.

  9. Mrs gali is she muslim by any chance? or from the middle east fow want of a better word? If not we cannot expect her to protect herself against rape in any foreign country without prior warning of this.

    2 I was cdonfused at the libyan woman’s story and Ms gali’s as they ran into each other. was she muslim? should she have known better? that this was her reality? I am sorry for both women.

  10. cat meat Hilali should have been drummed out of the country when labour had the chance. we really need constructive media effort from this site so that each story can be part of a survey petition which can be sent to all politicians including green ones to educate them and demand written response.

  11. I apologize in advance to Alicia Gali. I write the following from personal experience in witnessing a young girl kidnapped then raped in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is only speaking half-truths. Here is what I would have liked for her to say, following her sexual assault and with some time to recuperate:

    “I traveled to a Middle Eastern country which is mainly Islamic. I traveled there WITHOUT knowing about Islam in it’s entirety. Also, I failed to learn Arabic before travelling to an Arabic country. Foolishly, I allowed myself to become relaxed in a hostile environment and imbibe alcohol. Also, foolishly, I did not learn from the harsh lessons of those that proceeded me. I also did not take proper precautions and failed to learn mixed martial arts. My parents raised me in a protected environment and did not prepare me for the rapists of the world. I though I could saunter into any country my heart desired without serious thought about what could happen to me, personally. I also lived in a fantasty-land reality, but not anymore. I am lucky they didn’t kill me by beheading or stoning. I am also lucky I am not in prison for 20 years. These are the hard lessons for Westerners whose sheltered lives and minds make them think they can wander into the lion’s den unarmed and unprepared. I will be giving public speeches in my home country, Australia, and everywhere else I am invited, to warn others about what happened to me and could happen to them.

    I will also be investigating Islam to the hilt. I understand that the texts I need to read are : The Koran, the Hadiths (ahadith) and the Sira. I will be encouraging my fellow Aussies and Kiwi’s about all I have discovered….this I promise. Also, I promise to be a weapons expert from now on and train with edged weapons as well. I now understand the gravity of the situation, and will be writing personal letters of encouragement to the Diggers in Afghanistan, as they are literally killing the same rapists who pared me, only in a different geographical region. I will no longer trust muslim men, or the women who provide cover for them.”

  12. I speak with some authority – this happened to me. Yes, me. We cannot get these criminals in their own country, and if we do they are set free and then come back to do the same thing again, with the most dreadful bashing. If you want to live, you must shut up. At home, Australian authorities cannot do anything about it. Simple as that.

    I had to cut my losses – I left an apartment fully furnished, and just walked. When I came back to Australia – well lets just say I could get no help at all from my country. Taqiyya had already begun. We dont have a chance, so you may as well save your breath. Our government is not interested in helping women like us.

    They laugh at us, every step of the way, and as for us – we live in fear, we cannot sleep, and we are left on the scrap heap. Just imagine if you will, what would happen if a Muslim woman was attacked like this in Sydney. All hell would break loose. Dhimmis on the other hand are worth nothing.

    I want to wish the young woman well, and if she needs any help from me or others who have suffered this fate, I hope she will contact me through this column.

    Like the woman in Lybia, I was not told I was going to court, just picked up by the police, I had no evidence with me or even a passport. They were in charge of me. I had an interpreteur who could not speak English and so it went. No justice at all.

  13. If you see an arab with a european woman, ask the woman if all is OK. If the arab complains, call the police.

  14. @Alicia Gali:

    I am not without sympathy – however, if you now do nothing you are condemning other women – equally mislead by our dhimmi government & media – to suffer a like fate.

    You must lodge a complaint with the UN Human Rights Court for being mistreated. Every muslim who is ‘offended’ by some harmless fun (like putting a book on trial and convicting it of hate-crimes) complains the the UN – you must too!

    We should not be ashamed to use what we have to protect other women. Next time it could be your daughter! Don’t let them get away with this!

  15. Catherine, can you please give instructions on how to contact you via the column. I can’t seem to find any way to do so.

  16. Woman jailed for being raped in Muslim country sues

    Jihad Watch

    This kind of thing arises from the Qur’an’s requirement that four witnesses are required to establish a sexual crime, i.e., adultery, rape, etc. This is the Qur’an’s chapter 24, where it unfolds this way: in verses 11-20 Allah furiously castigates a group that has “brought forward a lie” (v. 11) against a chaste woman, without producing four witnesses (v. 13). The deity scolds the believers as well, for crediting this obvious slander (vv. 12, 16). This is a most serious matter (v. 15), but the Qur’an doesn’t tell us what it’s all about. This hadith fills in the details. Allah had recently ordered the veiling of women (a command that is transmitted in v. 31), so Aisha, when she accompanied Muhammad to a battle, was carried in a curtained howdah on the back of a camel. The caravan stopped and Aisha got out to answer “the call of nature.” While returning she lost her necklace, and stopped to search for it. Meanwhile, her attendants, forbidden to look at her or speak to her, loaded the howdah back onto the camel without realizing that she wasn’t in it. “At that time,” Aisha explains, “I was still a young lady,” and what’s more, “women were light in weight for they did not get fat.”

    And so the caravan left without her, and Muhammad’s favorite wife was stranded. Presently a Muslim warrior who was traveling behind the army came along, and was considerably startled to find Aisha alone. “I veiled my face with my head cover at once,” Aisha insisted, “and by Allah, we did not speak a single word, and I did not hear him saying any word besides his Istirja’” – a prayer spoken in times of distress. The warrior carried Aisha on his camel to the Muslims’ camp – and almost immediately the rumors started. Even Muhammad was affected by them. Aisha explains: “After we returned to Medina, I became ill for a month. The people were propagating the forged statements of the slanderers while I was unaware of anything of all that, but I felt that in my present ailment, I was not receiving the usual kindness from Allah’s Messenger which I used to receive when I got sick.”

    Aisha was deeply distressed: “I kept on weeping that night till dawn, I could neither stop weeping nor sleep, then in the morning again, I kept on weeping.” Ali bin Abi Talib, who later became the great saint and hero of the Shi’ite Muslims, ungallantly reminds Muhammad that there are “plenty of women” available to the Prophet (Aisha never forgot or forgave this, and after Muhammad’s death, warred against Ali herself.) But Ali also advises Muhammad to ask Barira, Aisha’s slave girl, if she has seen anything, and Barira maintained that Aisha had done nothing wrong. Muhammad left the matter in Allah’s hands, telling Aisha: “I have been informed such-and-such about you; if you are innocent, then soon Allah will reveal your innocence, and if you have committed a sin, then repent to Allah and ask Him for forgiveness, for when a person confesses his sins and asks Allah for forgiveness, Allah accepts his repentance.”

    Muhammad then received a revelation from Allah, as Aisha watched: “So there overtook him the same hard condition which used to overtake him (when he was Divinely Inspired) so that the drops of his sweat were running down, like pearls, though it was a (cold) winter day, and that was because of the heaviness of the Statement which was revealed to him. When that state of Allah’s Apostle was over, and he was smiling when he was relieved, the first word he said was, ‘Aisha, Allah has declared your innocence.’” Allah had revealed vv. 11-20.

    Aisha, however, was still angry: “My mother said to me, ‘Get up and go to him.’ I said, ‘By Allah, I will not go to him and I will not thank anybody but Allah.’” Yet she was amazed by the revelation: “By Allah, I never thought that Allah would reveal in my favor a revelation which would be recited, for I considered myself too unimportant to be talked about by Allah in the Divine Revelation that was to be recited.”

    But she was. And the false accusations against her brought about the requirement that four male Muslim witnesses must be produced in order to establish a crime of adultery or related indiscretions. Islamic law still requires the testimony of four male witnesses to establish sexual crimes (v. 13).

    Consequently, it is even today virtually impossible to prove rape in lands that follow the dictates of the Sharia. Even worse, if a woman accuses a man of rape, she may end up incriminating herself. If the required male witnesses can’t be found, the victim’s charge of rape becomes an admission of adultery. That accounts for the grim fact that as many as seventy-five percent of the women in prison in Pakistan are, in fact, behind bars for the crime of being a victim of rape. When the Musharraf government instituted measures removing the crime of rape from the sphere of Islamic law and establishing that it be judged by modern canons of forensic evidence, a group of Islamic clerics were furious. They demanded that the new law be withdrawn: it would turn Pakistan into a “free-sex zone.” Clerics thundered that the new law was “against the teachings of Islam,” and had been passed only to appease the West.

    So this is yet another element of the Sharia that only greasy Islamophobes oppose in America.

    “Woman Jailed for Being Raped in Muslim Country Sues,” from FoxNews, March 29:

    An Australian woman is suing a five-star UAE hotel after she was drugged and raped by co-workers – but ended up in jail for eight months for having sex outside marriage.
    Alicia Gali, 29, had her drink spiked and was raped by four co-workers at the luxury Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in the United Arab Emirates in June 2008.

    She is seeking compensation from her former employer for breaching its workplace duty of care after she reported the assault to authorities, only to be jailed for eight months on an adultery charge.

    Ms Gali spent eight months in prison as it is illegal as having sex outside marriage in the UAE is illegal…

  17. Quote:
    The real faces of arab malehood – the rapist, the coward, and the liar.
    end quote.

    Truer words were never written.
    Kind of like the devil, the false prophet, and the queen of Babylon.

  18. Oh really Islam is a religion of peace? That’s why Muhammed had 9 wives and SEX SLAVES! That’s why Muhammed led 62 battles against the disbeliever…that’s why wife beating is allowed under the Quran! That’s why sex slaves are permitted during war! You are fucking insane…… believe Islam is peace because that’s all you’ve been told from birth you total idiot! An to deny that can result in jail in your hell hole countries. If Islam is a religion of peace, then what are Jesus teachings? I’m pretty sure he never raped, killed or took slaves. Funny..but Muhammed is still the prophet haha

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