Our Mailbox is Smoking….

Must be a cultural thing. Nothing to do with Islam.

There’s a lot more where that came from, but what’s the point? Its all the same incoherent rubbish anyway. Muslim contributions and cultural enrichment on display:

Muslim Arab girl and proud

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Fuck you all , Fuck u so so so so muchh , U’re too stupid and ignorant to understand what islam is , and u’re so far from hapiness and u’ll be in jahanam inchala , u’ll see and we will see . another thing : Who has told u that muslim women aren’t happy ?? we are in the path of hapiness and we will die for our religion , for the one god and the greatest prophet , and we love all the prophet and we trust on them , we love Christ more than u do , There’s nothing to talk about between us and u , just gget away of us , we hate u , because y hate us , and islam has nothing to do with terrorrisme , islam is pacifique , great and truthfull . FUCK U ALL , we will see who will win in the end . JUST SEE NOW WHAT HAPPENED IN JAPAN , GOD PUNISH HIS INFIDELS PEOPLE. All what is happening now , we know it before that is happens . JUST come and see mosques , they are always full , Muslims always think of god . also we respect all the prophets because they were all muslims , because being muslim means to trust in the one god , the great god . noah ,abraham , moise , christ , jacob …and finally Mohamed exsisted and lived as muslims , those are the best men in all time.if u don’t want to know hapiness , so just don’t talk about islam , one day u’ll be in hell and it would be too late . Sorry for my english , i speak only arabic and french .


Fuck ,Jews,christian,catolg All is fuck

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Aiza Riaz

U people just dont have any idea who our prophits are………thats why you people are saying SUch paTHETIC!!! thingS ….chEApSteRS!!!

U people Start FuckiNG ur mOTherz and your sistErz soo……what do you know about anything Else!!!…………………MOTHER FUCKERZ……. ASS HOLES!!!

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  1. Hahaha I just love the “we are pacifists, and fuck you all to hell!!!!!” haha Just like a Muslim. Either say we are peaceful or we will kill you!11!!!!!!
    Guess this is what happens to your brain when you have a cliterdectomy at 6 years old. Or have to marry your 50 year old cousin when you’re 12. Or are blamed for being raped because your hair is showing or some such nonsense. AND THEN taught to hate non-Muslims, fed conspiracy theories, and taught how slavery=freedom, peace=war, pedophilia=honor, tolerance=subjugation, heaven=sex w/ virgins and all the other backwards Islamic ‘values’.

  2. “Islam is a religion of peace and if you say otherwise we will kill you!1!!!!!”
    Pathetic Islamic thinking. Peace=war, slavery=freedom, tolerance=subjugation, pedophilia=honor, heaven=sex with virgins, etc.

  3. God “punished” muslims too in the Tsunami that hit Indonesia, Bangla
    Desh, Malaysia about 6years ago and hindu’s in India, Sri lanka and buddhists in Thailand and so on.
    So the earthquakes in Turkey and Iran were also Gods anger, right?

  4. Well, you can’t say they don’t present rational, well thought-out arguments. The spelling is also improving. There seems to be a lot of yearning for sexual intercourse though. Every other word is f***. And primarily YOU, Sheik! You sex-magnet, you.

  5. Who better to prosecute the Muslim case of “Islam is a Religion of Peace” than Muslims themselves.

    allah Fuck uze 2

  6. SM, don’t ye forget a huge flooding in mo’s pakistan in few months ago also were gods anger…hmmm?

  7. Nice one Cecilie,

    So pathetic these islamists!!!

    “Muslim arab girl and proud”
    You scum murdered a sleeping family – proud of that are you???!!!!!

  8. Wow. Outstanding sentence construction and spelling. We shall not have to worry about any of these people competing on the job market. So allah is taking vengeance on Japan eh? Well, even earthquake torn, tsunamii destroyed and irradiated Japan is still nicer than any muslim nation. Do not forget that the Japanese code of Bushido created the most ferocious and deadly warrior class the world has ever experienced. Beating them in World War II was an extrordinarily difficult enterprise. Poking sticks at the Japanese is unwise, they can slap the snot out of you without breaking a sweat. A final note on Japan’s crisis: Notice that the world is bending over backwards to help them, in contrast to assisting, for instance, Pakistan? The world is helping Japan because the Japanese do not run around blowing up people in markets and airports. If the children of islam should be angry with anyone it should be directed at their own leaders for keeping them one thoudand years behind the rest of the world.

  9. Reading all that crap made my eyes bleed…. DAM YOU SHEIK for putting me throught that torture..

    I’d prefer to be waterboarded anyday than to read that load of shyte again Oo ..

  10. By the numbers: = Fez (MAroc) = CHINANET xinjiang province network = Lahore (PK) – there’s a surprise.

  11. They’re busy killing us and we are saving their lives. Filthy ungrateful scum !!


    The Kindness of Strangers

    Here’s 19-year-old Corporal Haim Levin, an IDF paramedic, holding a newborn baby girl, Jude. She’s come into the world at the very locality where relatives of the Fogel Family are mourning the murder victims.

    With news of the Fogels’ massacre, fireworks and other signs of celebration were apparent from Palestinian villages nearby.

    The birth of Jude has brought joy in the midst of grief, life amid death.

    Without the help of the medical team of which Corporal Levin is part, Jude would have died, for the umbilical cord was strangling her. Her mother was rushed to the locality in a van, and Corporal Levin was the first of the team to reach the distressed pair.

    He recalls:

    “I moved closer and saw the baby’s head and upper body. The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck; the baby was grey and didn’t move.

    I first removed the cord from the neck and at the same time asked paramedics to prepare the baby resuscitation kit. I pinched her to see if she’s responding, and she started to cry.”

    Jude is a Palestinian baby, and her mother had been taken to the settlement because of its medical facilities, which has much experience in treating Palestinians.

    Jubilant at her birth, Palestinians from the nearby village of Nabi Salah gathered around the medical team.

    Said Corporal Levin:

    “They thanked us and told us they named the girl Jude. I volunteered for Magen David Adom since age 15 and it’s the first time I witnessed childbirth. It was an amazing feeling, to hold the girl that was just born in my arms, and to know that in this complex place we did something good.”

    Noted ambulance driver Orli Shlomo:

    “It was touching, but I couldn’t help but think that a few meters from there, people were sitting Shiva for another baby, who was murdered. I was touched to see the face of the new baby, but I also thought about the face of the murdered baby.”

    Read more: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4043536,00.html

  12. You should read “The Prophet of Doom” website to see how eloquently loving the islamists can be.
    Well,they are only following their demented god and prophet. M-F must be a favorite word of allah,because they sure use it a lot.
    Islam,the religion of PEACE !!!

  13. Angry Muslim girl, if you think you are angry now, let me really tick you off. The prophets Noah, Abraham , Moses , Christ and Jacob you speak of were all Jews who lived and died centuries and even millennia before mohammed was even a pedophile. Don’t you think that these Jewish prophets are going to be really upset when they find out what Muslims do to Jews? Your religion stole almost everything from Judaism, from the belief in one G0d to their Prophets and rituals. Too bad mohammed did not have the brains to also steal the Judeo-Christian beliefs in compassion, justice and civility. Since you speak French: Vas chier espece d’idiote!

  14. Thank you Steven for mentioning the pakistan-flood,
    These ignorant people think that they can defy Lucifer
    with their ritual of stoning the devil each year.
    It does not really help, does it?
    The moongod allah is inactive; he does nothing to save
    his slaves from disasters, “alas the will of allah!” yeah right!

  15. Islam is the greatest punishment that God can inflict on any part of humanity. He is punishing Muslims by just that, and He may punish us for allowing them into Christian countries.

    Some people actually feel that in abandoning the the Christian faith, we are being punished by being visited by the greatest plague of them all – Islam and Muslims.

  16. how terrible that ALL MUSLIMS IN Africa are without food now in july of 2011, why is God punishing ALL THE MUSLIMS IN AFRICA.ALL OF A SUDDEN IT,S LIKE I,M WAITING mohammad TO SAVE THEM NOW. WHAT,S WRONG???????he loves his people, somethings not right. oh my god is it really true mohammed is not going to save these millions of people and thier children it,s all over the news.And they are praying 5 times a day .millions of muslims starving to death. could it be true that the god of christians is true. i may have to change, right now.

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