Paki's go apeshit over Koran burning pastor Terry Jones, start murdering Christians

Well , the Pakis Already  Took Florida Koran Burning Complaint to UN… (what could be more important?ZIP)

Evidently, the Islamists aren’t too happy about wackadoodle pastor Terry Jones torching the Koran after a mock trial last weekend. (GWP)

Hezbollah  calls burning the Koran “a crime”

Hizballah’s abominable criminals condemn Florida pastor’s Qur’an burning as “abominable crime,” call on Christians to behave like good dhimmis to make up for it

US pastor Terry Jones has been barred from entering the UK for the “public good” (source)

They want him dead.

“Hang the crusader pastor who disgraced the holy Koran.” (REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz)

The Koran was prosecuted, sentenced and executed. Here’s how:

Sentence was carried out by soaking the convicted in kerosene, placing it a metal tray and igniting it with a barbecue lighter. Thirty people witnessed the execution.

The pastor is already being threatened with death.  There’s also already a $2.2 million fatwa on his head.

Pakistan: Christians coerced into signing “peace deal” restricting church activities to avoid attack from people on “peace committee”

The situation ended non-violently, and will be spun by local Muslims as a “peaceful” resolution. Cooperation. Dialogue. Name your buzzword.

This incident is reminiscent of forced “reconciliation” meetings in Egypt where, of course, the Copts get the short end of the stick. It is another of many ways in which, if one supposes there is “no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256), the means of subtle and not-so-subtle coercion — of finding ways to make life difficult, unpleasant, and ultimately dangerous for the subjugated non-Muslim — are still limited only by the overlord’s imagination.

“Christians pressurised into signing so-called ‘peace deal’ with Muslim clerics in Lahore,” from Asian News International, March 24 (thanks to JW:

Florida Pastor to Protest Dearborn Islamic Mosque

Terry Jones, the pastor who tried to lead people into burning the Islamic holy book last 9/11, plans to come to the Islamic Center of America Mosque to protest. The burning book threat caused President Obama and the Secretary of Defense to call Jones to prevent the event. (source)

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  1. Sheikyermami needs to decide what side he’s on (or is it a she?) Why is it necessary to call Terry Jones “wackadoole”…because he wanted and later did burn the Quran? Well, one up for him. And why is Sheik’ calling the Quran holy? Now I respect the Quran by using a capital “Q” but that is far as I’m going…and that’s more out of respect for the English language. Sheik’, I’m soon going to stop visiting this page if you don’t clean up your act!

  2. mr.jones is bloody idiot ..i cannot ewven imagine to burn bible because as a muslim i believe it ias the word of god mr jones is rascle

  3. * i cannot ewven imagine to burn bible because as a muslim i believe it ias the word of god

    Do you believe this bit, kiran? Your future depends on your belief, or otherwise.

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”
    (John 3:16 –

    1. Didn’t the highest ranking mufti of Saudi Arabia recently state that the Koran supersedes all previous holy books?

      Besides, there are hundreds of blog entries right here on this blog where Mohammed worshippers burnt Torah scrolls, used Bibles to wipe their asses, wasn’t there a case in Sydney a while ago where a bunch of Muselmanic schoolboys stole Bibles, burnt them and then pissed on them?

      Along comes another liar…….

  4. Sheik there was a case of that happening in a Muslim school North of Melbourne I think it was Coburg or Broadmeadows area where Muslim children defaced (ripped pages out of it, burnt it and urinated on it).

    Don’t recal the World getting up in arms about it either funny that……….. So much for your love of it kiran.

  5. * Muslim children defaced (ripped pages out of it, burnt it and urinated on it).

    Two boys were expelled and another suspended, but while the school put on a public face of “respect” for Christianity, the reality was business as usual …

    Islamic boys told of ‘evil’ Aussies

    [STUDENTS at the Islamic school from which two boys were expelled for desecrating the Bible were shown videos of a banned cleric calling Australian Christians “evil” and non-Muslim schools “sewers”.

    Teachers at East Preston Islamic College say students have also been seen downloading and copying material from a website that attacks the Bible as promoting “vicious criminal acts”.

    The Australian yesterday revealed the school in Melbourne’s north expelled two boys and suspended a third over the desecration – a Bible was urinated on, spat on and burnt – during a school camp for boys from years 7 to 10 boys last week.]

    [In the video, believed to have been taped during a visit in 2003, Green describes Australian non-Muslims as “evil people” and says Muslims in this country must openly criticise Christianity and lure people to Islam.]

    * They are doomed, unless …

  6. I was sure I remembered the EPIC bible incident being dismissed as a ‘prank’ …

    Bible desecration a ‘prank’

    [A MELBOURNE Muslim leader says two students expelled for urinating and spitting on a Bible, before setting it alight, committed an “immature prank”.]

    * As night follows day, it was “the media” that was to blame:

    [Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Yasser Soliman blamed media reports about the desecration of the Koran.

    “They’ve probably seen things on TV where soldiers in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay have reportedly done things to the Koran, and they’ve seen other things that have influenced their way of thinking,” Mr Soliman said on Southern Cross radio.]

    * Not to mention the “war on terrorism” and “mixed messages”

    [Mr Soliman linked the incident to the war on terrorism, saying the offenders were probably receiving mixed messages from the media and seeing similar desecrations of the Koran.]

    * muslims – never accountable for their actions, but having to give an account one day …

  7. Thank you Mullah.. Funny how Muslims conveniently forget their own bad behaviour. Ahh the age of non-accountability Muslims excel in that.

  8. Anyone who goes to Sowdi Barbaria with a Bible(s) or other Christian paraphernalia will have it confiscated and destroyed by the Sowdi authorities.

  9. Kiran, you may not indeed even think of burning a Holy Bible, but let me put you straight, Saudi Arabia and Iran do it by the thousands and frequently – personal experience. Muslims would rather kill a human being for burning a book rather than turn the other cheek. Who are the real lunatics?

  10. Pastor Jones is extremely brave especially when there are many of us who believe in his actions and, therefore, should support him and not ridicule him. God Bless Pastor Terry Jones.

  11. Since most Muslims are unable to read or write it is extra difficult to comumicate. Mohammad was a child rapist, adulterer, murderer, wife beater and he condoned having sex with a cow. He was epileptic and flopped on the floor, foaming at the mouth and spell idiocy which others wrote down becauce idiot Mohammad like many Muslims today could not read or write.

  12. kiran… you say you cannot even imagine burning a Bible because to you it is the word of God.. well, i wish you would tell that to your murdering muslim believers like the Somali muslims who not only burn bibles but set alight Somali Christians and enjoy watching them burn to death in dreadful agony .. go watch , then come back here and tell us what the pastor did was so terrible in burning only a quran…if he had added a couple of muslims to the burning then you’d have something to whinge about…

  13. Terry Jones is a complete IDIOT who is responsible for the deaths of 12 innocent UN workers. As a White Christian I am appalled that any person would burn a Quran or any other Holy book for that matter.
    My apologies to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Not all Christian think or act like Terry Jones. I doubt Terry Jones or his followers are Chrisitan but probably some kind of evil cult. I see Britain has banned him from visiting the UK and hopefully all other countries will stand up and support Muslims by banning this waste of skin from their countries.

    1. Yes Billy, you would know.

      Your logic reminds me of the “better red than dead” commies from the sixties, or the “fighting crime creates more crime” progressive loons today.

      Obviously, your ilk just can’t see a problem when Mohammedan mobs go apeshit and kill Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and burn their places of worship. You are as despicable as those who want to destroy us.

      So tell us, Billy: if resistance is useless, why don’t you submit and start working on your zebiba?

  14. Billy, why are you trying to suck up to the muslims? I just can’t understand how someone who claims to be a Christian would want to apoligize to a group who take great pleasure in killing people like yourself (Christian) and want to follow the teachings of a person as evil as mohammed. Turning the other cheek is an admirable quality, but there comes a time that you must realize that this sort of action is seen as a sign of weakness be certain people, especially muslims.

    If you want to know the true colours if this ‘religion’ do yourself and all your friends & family a favour and go to this site:-

  15. Billy, Muslims are NOT my brothers and sisters because they believe in an entirely different god. My God sent Christ to die for all mankind. Their Allah wants Muslims to die for him; the non-Muslims to convert, pay the jizya or pay with a haircut at the neckline. There is a difference. A gigantic one.

    Billy likely is one of the kuffar – they’ll be coming for him as they did a similar appeaser – Theo Van Gogh. We all know how that ended.

    So, Billy, if you’re reading this, continue blaming Pastor Jones for the deaths of the UN workers instead of the perps. Most of them in the UN coddle up to criminals, dictators and a host of other thugs and slugs. Like their grand poobah “leaders”, they likely didn’t recognize the threats Islam posed to them and society until it was too late. That’s how much ignorance about Islam and the Koran may cost you.

    Ignorance may be bliss to you but if “Allahu Akbar” comes knocking at your door, ignorance may be lethal in the end.

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