Pakistan: Christian Minister Shahbaz Bhatti Murdered

The article from the Grunard’s  Peter Preston is so full of gushing ‘democratic freedoms coming to Islamic nations’  that it hurts  the brain. Lets stick with the facts: the Muslims  are following Allah’s command to ‘wipe out the unbelievers to the last’- Qur’an verse 8:7 and that’s what we are seeing in all the lands where the soldiers of Allah have the upper hand.

But not to worry: British readers will be pleased to know that Pakistan could become the UK’s biggest aid recipient by 2015.

The car of Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistani minister for minorities affairs, is seen after his assassination

Shahbaz Bhatti, Islamabad’s minister for minorities, is assassinated outside his home by four assailants who leave Taliban tracts behind them. Bhatti was a Christian, speaking out for an increasingly oppressed minority and ceaselessly advocating the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

But a couple of weeks ago, while the world was watching Cairo and Tripoli, his own prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, quietly abandoned any attempt to repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy laws – and the death penalty for breaking them. The battling woman backbencher who’d pushed for abolition retreated. The ministries working on amendments threw them away. Blasphemy, as defined in the statute book by Pakistan’s last military dictator but one, remains a capital offence.

So the Christian peasant farm-worker and mother of four, Aasia Bibi,whose case crystallises the whole sorry debacle, remains in prison and in fear for her life. So the governor of Punjab province, Salmaan Taseer, murdered by his own bodyguard for speaking out, remains unavenged. Remember how 90 lawyers put their hands up and volunteered to defend Taseer’s killer for free. Remember how the elected government of the Pakistan’s People Party, the party Taseer belonged to, did nothing but mumble. Remember how it promised reform then shuffled away. Don’t forget, then, that Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder comes as a direct consequence of the pusillanimity of an elected government. (Source)

In other news:

Taliban wound 15 girls in jihad attack on Pakistan college

As Hamas-linked CAIR swings into action to block Tennessee’s anti-Sharia bill, here is a bracing reminder of the bounty Sharia brings to a land. “Taliban wound 15 girls in Pakistan college attack,” from AFP, March 1

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8 thoughts on “Pakistan: Christian Minister Shahbaz Bhatti Murdered”

  1. Sadly I already figured Shahbaz Bhattito be on borrowed time from a barbarian attack. Non molsems are not allowed rights or representation under shariah

    Don’t let em them bring this ideology to your countries folks, its truly deadly.

  2. Such a lovely, brave lady.. I saw her interviewed and was struck by her caring, loving, gentle spirit; the absolute antithesis to the Muslims she tried to oppose.. her reward will be eternal life in Christ.

  3. 2nd march 2011 is really bad day for democracy and also for Christians of Pakistan. All Pakistani Christians are lived under the clouds of extremeism, terrorism, poorness and threats. UNO can take step for Pakistani Christians and make smooth policy of immigration for Pakistani Christians. We can not live in PAKISTAN.

  4. A throne in heaven for Shahbaz.
    She has shown the compassion of Jesus, and sits right by his side.

  5. But! but! but! Pakistan is an ally, Pakistan is a ‘moderate’ Muslim Country,Pakistanis respect women, Islam respects women, Islam forbids the killing of innocents and all the other moronic sentiments uttered by Mohammedans and their stupid ignorant left wing moonbat supporters in the West.

  6. Tragic !
    May the God who said “Love your enemies,” bless and strengthen all her loved ones and family. May He also be with the Christians ,and other minorities everywhere, who have to live under the insane ,despotic god called Allah. (Surah 8: 38-40,

  7. but…but…is not Pakistan supposed to be a “moderate” country, comapred to Iran or Saudi Arabia? ugh! where is there moderation in Islam?

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