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U.K.: Muslim who burned war memorial symbols and shouted insults about British troops works part-time, gets £792 a month in state benefits

Don’t curse the kuffar with your mouth full, Choudhury. An update on this story. “Poppy-burning Muslim extremist says he will wear fine as ‘badge of honour’,” from theTelegraph, March 8, (thanks to JW):

This one won’t pay up:

Despite saying he would pay more for a parking fine, Choudhury said he would not pay up (Vlad)

It would come out of the taxpayers purse anyhow, because  the creep is on the dole…..

This Rageboy wants to be on TV:

Fiery Al Sharpton Outraged Over Hearings Examining Muslim Extremism

Muslim Congressman Ellison: Hearing On Radical Islam Is “Scary”

Ellison himself is a Muslim Brotherhood agent. As a good Muslim, he wouldn’t tell a lie. Or would he?

“Well, it’s a disturbing use of a Congressional hearing. I mean, there’s awesome power associated with being Chairman of the Committee, being able to investigate and do oversight and to use it to essentially go after a religious minority group, I think… FULL ARTICLE AT REAL CLEAR POLITICS

And yes: the Muslims doth protest too much:

Rep. King blames CAIR for backlash against hearings, says they are the kind of group Muslim leaders should “push aside”

This Rageboy outed himself:

Milibandit’s Passport Rage

Miliband, as you might recall, was the UK foreign secretary a year ago, who called Israel’s alleged use of British passports in its alleged Mahmoud al-Mabhouh liquidation an ‘outrage,’ and after expelling an Israeli diplomat, insisted on a written commitment from Israel never to do it again as a precondition for being allowed to name a replacement: When you do it, it’s an outrage, and when we do it….

Does anyone else smell a double standard here?

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