Some More Obama 'Outreach' Failures

Obama’s Crushing Failures Accelerate: Egypt Air removes Israel from map (Atlas)

Egypt Air, the largest airline in Egypt, has removed Israel from the map – literally. On its website, Ynet has learned, Jordan’s land reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

Are the statists and useful idiots and student asshats on the left still screaming about freedom, democracy, gender equality and wuv in the new Egypt? The nightmare presidency spawns unimaginable scenarios. So Egypt Air wipes Israel off the map. Israel was there before many of those current cavemen countries were carved up and out of a defeated Ottoman empire by the now defunct British Empire.

Sheik Qaradawi, grand poobha of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,  has a death fatwa on the head of Qaddafi. So glad our quisling-in-chief could oblige.

Egypt Air removes Israel from map YNET News

The President of the United States has effectively voted ‘present’ on Wednesday’s terror attack in Jerusalem.

  • The enemedia’s reactions to Wednesday’s events in Jerusalem. Here’s Melanie Phillips with the Beeb’s reaction. The post-terror attack ritual: This is quite accurate. Yes, it’s what we all go through.

Submissive Muslim POTUS Obama Offers Another Fawning Nowruz Message to Iran

One of the most embarrassing moments of the Obama Presidency  was his fawning Nowruz message to Iran in 2009. Now, he’s gone and repeated it again. Yes, President Obama has issued yet another fawning message to mark the most important holiday of the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran.’ (He knows wrong from right)

Obama – who abandoned the Iranian opposition – can make this speech with a straight face. You couldn’t make it up……

Like most Americans, Donald Trump wants to know “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?”

‘The New Normal’ has video. Whoopin’ Whoopsy throws hissy fits, like she always does. Must be ‘a black thing…’


Obama is amused by people’s interest in his paperless past. But that doesn’t stop Donald Trump from asking the question.

Trump was on “The Yentas” and asked repeatedly, “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?” He then goes on to speculate that, “There is something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.”

This wasn’t the first time Trump expressed puzzlement over Obama’s shadowy past.

Come May 17th when this flies to #1 on Amazon, a heck of a lot more people are going to be asking the same questions.

The Conclusive Definition Of “Natural-Born Citizen”

Natural-born citizens of the United States are those who are citizens of the United States from birth without having to perform any act to acquire orperfect their American citizenship. These are those whose parents are citizensof the United States at the time of their birth. (Read it all)

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  1. There is a myth hanging over all discussion of the Palestinian problem: the myth that this land was “Arab” land taken from its native inhabitants by invading Jews. Whatever may be the correct solution to the problems of the Middle East, let’s get a few things straight:

    * As a strictly legal matter, the Jews didn’t take Palestine from the Arabs; they took it from the British, who exercised sovereign authority in Palestine under a League of Nations mandate for thirty years prior to Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948. And the British don’t want it back.
    * If you consider the British illegitimate usurpers, fine. In that case, this territory is not Arab land but Turkish land, a province of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years until the British wrested it from them during the Great War in 1917. And the Turks don’t want it back.
    * If you look back earlier in history than the Ottoman Turks, who took over Palestine over in 1517, you find it under the sovereignty of the yet another empire not indigenous to Palestine: the Mamluks, who were Turkish and Circassian slave-soldiers headquartered in Egypt. And the Mamluks don’t even exist any more, so they can’t want it back.

    So, going back 800 years, there’s no particularly clear chain of title that makes Israel’s title to the land inferior to that of any of the previous owners. Who were, continuing backward:

    * The Mamluks, already mentioned, who in 1250 took Palestine over from:
    * The Ayyubi dynasty, the descendants of Saladin, the Kurdish Muslim leader who in 1187 took Jerusalem and most of Palestine from:
    * The European Christian Crusaders, who in 1099 conquered Palestine from:
    * The Seljuk Turks, who ruled Palestine in the name of:
    * The Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad, which in 750 took over the sovereignty of the entire Near East from:
    * The Umayyad Caliphate of Damascus, which in 661 inherited control of the Islamic lands from:
    * The Arabs of Arabia, who in the first flush of Islamic expansion conquered Palestine in 638 from:
    * The Byzantines, who (nice people—perhaps it should go to them?) didn’t conquer the Levant, but, upon the division of the Roman Empire in 395, inherited Palestine from:
    * The Romans, who in 63 B.C. took it over from:
    * The last Jewish kingdom, which during the Maccabean rebellion from 168 to 140 B.C. won control of the land from:
    * The Hellenistic Greeks, who under Alexander the Great in 333 B.C. conquered the Near East from:
    * The Persian empire, which under Cyrus the Great in 639 B.C. freed Jerusalem and Judah from:
    * The Babylonian empire, which under Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. took Jerusalem and Judah from:
    * The Jews, meaning the people of the Kingdom of Judah, who, in their earlier incarnation as the Israelites, seized the land in the 12th and 13th centuries B.C. from:
    * The Canaanites, who had inhabited the land for thousands of years before they were dispossessed by the Israelites.

    As the foregoing suggests, any Arab claim to sovereignty based on inherited historical control will not stand up. Arabs are not native to Palestine, but are native to Arabia, which is called Arab-ia for the breathtakingly simple reason that it is the historic home of the Arabs. The territories comprising all other “Arab” states outside the Arabian peninsula—including Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, as well as the entity now formally under the Palestinian Authority—were originally non-Arab nations that were conquered by the Muslim Arabs when they spread out from the Arabian peninsula in the first great wave of jihad in the 7th century, defeating, mass-murdering, enslaving, dispossessing, converting, or reducing to the lowly status of dhimmitude millions of Christians and Jews and destroying their ancient and flourishing civilizations. Prior to being Christian, of course, these lands had even more ancient histories. Pharaonic Egypt, for example, was not an Arab country through its 3,000 year history. The recent assertion by the Palestinian Arabs that they are descended from the ancient Canaanites whom the ancient Hebrews displaced is absurd in light of the archeological evidence.

    There is no record of the Canaanites surviving their destruction in ancient times. History records literally hundreds of ancient peoples that no longer exist. The Arab claim to be descended from Canaanites is an invention that came after the 1964 founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the same crew who today deny that there was ever a Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Prior to 1964 there was no “Palestinian” people and no “Palestinian” claim to Palestine; the Arab nations who sought to overrun and destroy Israel in 1948 planned to divide up the territory amongst themselves. Let us also remember that prior to the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, the name “Palestinian” referred to the Jews of Palestine.

    The only nations that have perfect continuity between their earliest known human inhabitants and their populations of the present day are Iceland, parts of China, and a few Pacific islands. The Chinese case is complicated by the fact that the great antiquity of Chinese civilization has largely erased the traces of whatever societies preceded it, making it difficult to reconstruct to what extent the expanding proto-Chinese displaced (or absorbed) the prehistoric peoples of that region. History is very sketchy in regard to the genealogies of ancient peoples. The upshot is that “aboriginalism”—the proposition that the closest descendants of the original inhabitants of a territory are the rightful owners—is not tenable in the real world. It is not clear that it would be a desirable idea even if it were tenable. Would human civilization really be better off if there had been no China, no Japan, no Greece, no Rome, no France, no England, no Ireland, no United States?

    Back to the Arabs: I have no problem recognizing the legitimacy of the Arabs’ tenure in Palestine when they had it, from 638 to 1099, a period of 461 years out of a history lasting 5,000 years. They took Palestine by military conquest, and they lost it by conquest, to the Christian Crusaders in 1099. Of course, military occupation by itself does not determine which party rightly has sovereignty in a given territory. Can it not be said that the Arabs have sovereign rights, if not to all of Israel, then at least to the West Bank, by virtue of their majority residency in that region from the early Middle Ages to the present?

    To answer that question, let’s look again at the historical record. Prior to 1947, as we’ve discussed, Palestine was administered by the British under the Palestine Mandate, the ultimate purpose of which, according to the Balfour Declaration, was the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. In 1924 the British divided the Palestine Mandate into an Arabs-only territory east of the Jordan, which became the Kingdom of Trans-Jordan, and a greatly reduced Palestine Mandate territory west of the Jordan, which was inhabited by both Arabs and Jews. Given the fact that the Jews and Arabs were unable to coexist in one state, there had to be two states. At the same time, there were no natural borders separating the two peoples, in the way that, for example, the Brenner Pass has historically marked the division between Latin and Germanic Europe. Since the Jewish population was concentrated near the coast, the Jewish state had to start at the coast and go some distance inland. Exactly where it should have stopped, and where the Arab state should have begun, was a practical question that could have been settled in any number of peaceful ways, almost all of which the Jews would have accepted.

    The Jews’ willingness to compromise on territory was demonstrated not only by their acquiescence in the UN’s 1947 partition plan, which gave them a state with squiggly, indefensible borders, but even by their earlier acceptance of the 1937 Peel Commission partition plan, which gave them nothing more than a part of the Galilee and a tiny strip along the coast. Yet the Arab nations, refusing to accept any Jewish sovereignty in Palestine even if it was the size of a postage stamp, unanimously rejected the 1937 Peel plan, and nine years later they violently rejected the UN’s partition plan as well. When the Arabs resorted to arms in order to wipe out the Jews and destroy the Jewish state, they accepted the verdict of arms. They lost that verdict in 1948, and they lost it again in 1967, when Jordan, which had annexed the West Bank in 1948 (without any objections from Palestinian Arabs that their sovereign nationhood was being violated), attacked Israel from the West Bank during the Six Day War despite Israel’s urgent pleas that it stay out of the conflict. Israel in self-defense then captured the West Bank. The Arabs thus have no grounds to complain either about Israel’s existence (achieved in ’48) or about its expanded sovereignty from the river to the sea (achieved in ’67).

    The Arabs have roiled the world for decades with their furious protest that their land has been “stolen” from them. One might take seriously such a statement if it came from a pacifist people such as the Tibetans, who had quietly inhabited their land for ages before it was seized by the Communist Chinese in 1950. The claim is laughable coming from the Arabs, who in the early Middle Ages conquered and reduced to slavery and penury ancient peoples and civilizations stretching from the borders of Persia to the Atlantic; who in 1947 rejected an Arab state in Palestine alongside a Jewish state and sought to obliterate the nascent Jewish state; who never called for a distinct Palestinian Arab state until the creation of the terrorist PLO in 1964—sixteen years after the founding of the state of Israel; and who to this moment continue to seek Israel’s destruction, an object that would be enormously advanced by the creation of the Arab state they demand. The Arab claim to sovereign rights west of the Jordan is only humored today because of a fatal combination of world need for Arab oil, leftist Political Correctness that has cast the Israelis as “oppressors,” and, of course, good old Jew-hatred.

  2. Well done on your post Pragmatist,

    If even a handful of these empty talking heads on MSN would understand this the world would be a lot better of.

    And its a damn shame the public are such a bunch of ignorant self opinionated stooges as well.

    As usual moslems and their islamic pipeline of evil proceed and prosper on lies and deceit.

  3. Only a NATURAL BORN citizen can become President of the United States. B. Obama’s father was an English subject at the time of his birth ergo he is committing heinous crimes against this country and every act he has performed while in the office is null and void.

  4. Obama is doing what he was born to do and with the unrest in every muslim country, there seems to be a definite pattern emerging. Yes, these muslim infidels are the army of the anti-christ, but for them to be controlled by the anti-christ, they have to be freed from their current governments and dictators. Now we can see why obama is so keen to help these rebels get their ‘freedom’. He will soon be the unchallenged ruler of the arab world.

  5. Quemielle DuChesne you cant get two moonbats or two RINO’s who have the SAME definition of ‘Natural Born Citizen’ some say its just being born in the USA no matter who your parents are some say you have to have at least ONE Citizen parent . But reality is that you need to be born in the USA of two USA Citizen parents. So Obambi even by his own admission fails that and not only was his father a Mohammedan Non Citizen hsi mother was too young to pass on HER citizenship the statute at the time was to be resident for 5 YEARS after the fourteenth birthday she was only 18 when he was born. That is of course if Obama was his father and Sydney was his mother he has provided no PROOF of that at all .

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